Monday 15 February 2016


The above you tube goes with a previous post {here}.

So far the list of how to live till old age is
  • dont eat huge amounts of meat
  • a little bit of wine is ok?  Hm 7th Day Adventists abstain from alcohol....  little bit of a grey area
  • dont eat lots of processed foods
  • dont eat lots of foods with chemicals, grow your own if you can
  • have a happy out look for life
  • gather your friends and family close
  • live in a community
  • be active 
  • if you are over weight, then work on losing it.
  • eat beans
Hmm.  It doesnt seem like such a hard list so far, from the Welsh people and Sardinians.  I think I will look for you tubes of people in other Blue Zone areas.  The 7th Day Adventists, in California, and the people of Owkinawa must have completely different cultural lives.  I will look out for those and then look at Icaria in Greece against Sardinia as they are geographically similar, with Mediterranean life styles.

See what else I can change to live a little longer maybe.

And some giggles.

Be kind


Raybeard said...

Another ingredient for longevity is said to be olive oil, of course. However there comes a point where all these do's and don't's become distracting to the actual living, which rather takes away the point.

Sol said...

Hi ya Ray, I didnt see the programme when it was first out as it is a BBC Wales programme that was only aired in Wales. I found it as I use alot of the Chiappa recipes.

Of course your right about the olive oil. But that also doesnt count for the 7 Day Adventists and the Okinawans. I find it all fascinating. I for sure wont live to 100, I am puny but other than that, I dont eat enough of the green leaf veggies. I must up that just to make sure I am getting all the vitamins I need.

The one main thing that they all do is have a very high plant diet, with carbs such as rice and pasta. So I have the carbs thing down already! but yes you are right lets not lose perspective. I think it is fueled by the looming 40 for me. its a few years away but I want to be active and healthy for a long time.

Hope you are well and warm. Very cold here.

Dani said...

I do enjoy my glass of white in t'evening...

And, (probably true to my English roots) I love baked beans on toast - with a poached or fried egg lol Sometime cooking a full meal isn't necessary, and a simple meal like that is all that's required, don't you agree?

Sol said...

my favourite dinners are simple ones. My neighbours live the winter in Florida so they gave us all the food from their fridge. Lots of very expensive vine tomatoes all colours. Bang, bruschetta, with the basil plant they also gave us! I am going to wheel that one out in the summer more. I forget that I like that a lot!

Beans on toast is lush. We had poached eggs on toast for breakfast! yum

lots of simple foods are the best. the more raw they are the better in my opinion. Especially if you can add some sprouts into it. love brocoli sprouts.

Kev Alviti said...

I think happiness has to be up there like you said. Otherwise what's the point in living to a ripe old age if you're going ot be grumpy?

Sol said...

Hi Kev, yep family and friends a little humour. delighting in the small as well. All older people who have an optomistic and happy disposition seem to live on to their late 80s and 90s. And they are always the ones that are really interested in the young kids and like to try and keep up with them. We have one in the family that is 95 who uses an ipad. The great grandchildren showed her how to use it. she watches you tubes! Like in Short Circuit, she needs and loves the input. no one can say that she doesnt live life to the full. she is more active than me!