Friday 3 April 2020

Be Well


local alien said...

That is the fucking best song I've heard in a long time! This is not going to stay at home I'm going to spread it all over the fucking world!!
Thanks for the uplift

northsider said...

How's the garden going Sol? I am keeping busy.

Sol said...

Hi ya Linda, hope you are well. I saw this song and thought that is the best. And sitting in my lounge window at the laptop and seeing loads of people out and about and even packs of cyclists 15-20 with no distance between them, lycra clad shouting at each other. I really need to get a loud speaker and boom this out the window! Share it on your blog. Lets get it out there. Stay The Fuck At Home!

Hey Dave, we have made a few alterations to the coop. The hens are still super skittish but we tried to let them out for the first time yesterday. They had a good scratch up in one spot so I need to encourage that in the right areas with the little fences we have. I have potted a few bits on and have a couple more cuttings I have taken. First day in a long time with a nice bit of blue sky. It was warmish when out of the wind. I still dont know what to do with this garden! lol

Keep Well My Friends