Wednesday 8 April 2020

Tears for Fears - Mad World

As there is no tip open to take the garden waste away I now have to process it by hand.  I am using secateurs to snip the leaves off and chop the thin bits of stick into the bin.  Giving it a good kick every so often to make it all sift down and leave no gaps.  Or at least that is the idea.  There is no recycling in this area of Scotland.  I know, shock horror.  I normal separate all of my waste and take it to the tip and dump it into the right bins.  At present there is now where to take it, so it is slowly mounting up in the shed.  It does mean though that I can throw garden waste into the general waste bins (right or wrong this is the only option at present as we do not wish to burn it and put any more pressure on the emergency services if we cant keep it under control...).

Snip snip snip, kick kick kick.  The dogs are loving it and are running back and forth with their toys as this is all great fun to them.  It is managing to be sunny at present, there is as always, wind.  lol  

There is some more chopped wood to move and we have some wood left over to make some raised beds, although we cant leave the property I feel I am at least being a bit productive.

We need to do some shopping tomorrow, some for us and some for my 80+ year old FIL.  Wish me luck.

Stay safe.
Be well.


local alien said...

Sounds like me snipping the grapevine and rose prunings. I cut them into small lengths so the can dry out and be used on the BBQ. It always seems a lot of work but I enjoy it, seeing the great pile fit into a small crate.

Sol said...

Hey Linda, I like the idea of keeping it and using it to BBQ with but we chopped huge limbs off of 2 trees that are getting a little ragged. We will process the larger bits and use them in the fires in the winters to come, but the twigs etc I have no where to keep them. I cant believe the amount of leaves (it is an evergreen but I have no idea of what type it is). But yes it is great that I got all of those leaves into the one wheelie bin. I have had to kick and shake it, but taking each leaf off individually has meant that they whole lot is in. Super proud of that else the garden would have looked even more untidy. Now it is just long branches that we will have to use a saw on. Hope you are all well!

northsider said...

Have you nowhere to make a compost heap or shred the thin branches or even have a bonfire or burn them in the range?

Sol said...

Hey Dave, due to the trees and the hedges and the shape of the back garden a bonfire is a no no. And we have no way to contain it. I have 2 compost heaps but they are in the front garden and I dont want to add stuff that doesnt break down quickly. But also it will look a bit messy and depending on when the lockdown lifts etc I dont really want people walking by it into the house when I start the business back up. It needs to all be kept tidy!