Tuesday 7 April 2020

Gardening in the Coronavirus Pandemic

I have been chopping things down in the garden today, I am dreading trying to get rid of all the holly bush I have hacked down.  I have also gone a bit crazy chopping at a tree that is giving too much shade to a large area.

The picture is beech tree seedlings trying to grow.  I was hoping that it was monkey puzzle tree, no such luck.

There is also a plant that I have no idea about.  It seems to spread under the ground and come up somewhere else...  I will take a picture of it another time.  It is huge.  It is about 1.2m high by 3.5m wide clump.  It is taking up too much space.

I planted some of my plants from last years shopping frenzy at Morrisons.  Every time I went I bought some plants on their £1 special of the week.  Heathers and the such like.  I also bought some conifers (dont worry they are dwarf kinds that dont get taller than 1m and the other 1.5m).  I will slowly start adding these to the border at the very front of the property.

I still have lots of fire wood to move from the other border, I still have plants to go in there as well.  

I have 2 camellias that are in flower, the first is one called Ruby Wedding, it is very pretty.  The other one was a bargain £1.75 job from Aldi that I bought and potted on as soon as I got home last summer.  I have a few of these ones.  They are exceptional bargains and if you have the time to grow them on you will save a fortune.  I cant really afford to buy from the garden centres, the camellias would have probably been £10 for the size they have grown to in the past year.  Its worth looking when you are shopping, if and when we go back to normal. 

I am very anxious at present.  I am 500 miles from my parents and the rest of my family, it is weighing heavy on my mind and I feel homesick for a home that no longer exists.  I think many people will probably feel like this.  

Please stay home.
Be well everyone.  


northsider said...

Have you thought of potting up the Beech seedlings Sol? They would make an hedge instead of trees. There are lots of plant nurseries online. Now is good time to divide perennials.

local alien said...

Hope all your family is healthy and it won't be too darn long before you all get together again.

Sol said...

I hadnt thought about getting them into a hedge but I am super lazy and that would make leaves to clean up in the winter? lol I have enough to do! lol I have been dividing cornflowers and rozanne geraniums. I have thought about moving some helebores but I will have to look up if they are ok to move at present. They are in the back garden where no one can see them and I want to put a raised bed.

Hi there Linda, I hope so as well. I feel extremely out of sorts. To the point I am on the edge of crying if I dont have something to do. I am just wandering. I am so used to just getting the dog leads and going off for hours walking the dogs it is really not doing my mental health any good and I am afraid someone will dob me in for going out. So I have only been going in the garden but for the dog walks first thing in the morning.