Sunday 12 April 2020

Next stage

Now that the chickens have their area, coop, run and their free range area, I can now decide where to put beds in.  They have to be raised as the back garden is very uneven and rough.  Where it slopes it doesnt drain well and will become water logged.  I need to look at each area and think hard about where to put things to get the most of the light and what can fit in the space.  Its not small by any means, a person in a new build house would think that they had the best plot in the estate if they had this area. The exposure and the massive trees cast shade and the plants could become wind burnt if I am not careful.  

Chickens left to right, the one that looks white is a Buff Barred, she is called Edna.  The one resting on the ground is a Columbian Black Tail, this one is called Agneta and the one showing off on the top of the wood pile that we call 'Pride Rock', this is another Columbian Black Tail called Sharon or Shazza.  She gives the alarm when we approach, I hope she doesnt turn out to be a cockerel!  lol  

They are quick to put themselves to bed and to come out of the coop in the morning.  They havent mastered roosting yet and seem to all pile into the one box?  lol  they are getting a bit big for that.  


northsider said...

I suppose it's worth observing where the sun shines the most of the day Sol. I would go for the sunniest spot for the beds. What direction is the garden facing? I think everyone knows which direction my garden faces!😊

Sol said...

The sun isnt the problem it is the shade from the trees they arent in our garden and are HUGE.

local alien said...

I enjoyed the chicken chronicles. You'll have to tell us more as they settle down.
Your gardening up there has so many problems. You obviously enjoy the challenge and the work. Good on you

Sol said...

Hey Linda! We are looking how to grow as much as possible. It is going to be a long slog