Friday 17 February 2017

How is it going?


I am still reading this one, I completely missed how many pages it was and how long it would take.  How are you doing with it?  I am looking forward to the next book.  I read it at school and I am really hoping more people join in on that one, as I think it is a really meaty subject.


The weekend is here again and it looks like they think the weather will be warmer here than in Greece next week.  Lets hope so.  The snow drops are looking lovely and the primroses in the front garden are blooming their socks off right now.  There is one very fetching pink/purple one, that I am thinking of digging up to take with us when we move.

We are having a professional paint the hall and stairs for us, as we arent confident we can do a good job with ladders as it is an awkward space and could be dangerous.  Then on to carpet.  Making us on schedule for the house to go on the market the end of March and hopefully have a lot of viewings before Easter.  EASTER.  Have you seen the Easter eggs in the shops?  They were there January 3rd!  Ha ha its bonkers.  

This weekend we have a few bits and pieces to do.  We may pop to Cornwall to sort the caravan placement out.  We might not.  No rush, its not urgent just yet.  

In other news, I ate my first ever {Welsh cake} yesterday.  A lady at work made some with margarine for me, as I said I had never eaten one.  They normally contain butter and milk.  Very nice, with a cup of lady grey.  

Hope you are well.

Be kind, be safe

Sol xx


local alien said...

I've finished Mansfield park and the review. Already to post sometime soon. Had a look at the next one and read a few chapters....but no more. Really don't like books like that. Sorry count me out on the Margaret Atwell.
Still damn cold here. Hope you're wrong on the temps. They MUST be going up soon!!! This is Greece damn it

Sol said...

Hey Linda, I will be ready to post on the 21st as scheduled. It was quite a hard read when I was at school and I remember someones mum complaining about it. The next one is middlemarch! cant wait. I am really getting into it all now.

Raybeard said...

Funny how a book one has already read with pleasure three times previously can appear to be so different on a fourth encounter. I say no more - for the moment.

lovelygrey said...

Loving that book list. Lou is reading a Christmas Carol for his GCSE. The Colour Purple is a Dave of mine. I watched the film again recently. xx

northsider said...

I look forward to hearing about your caravan trip and good luck with the house sale.

Sol said...

Hey Ray, I am thinking that I will find the hand maidens tale diferent, from when I was a teen. we will see.

Hi Lovelygrey, I am hopng to do even more books later in the year. I am really enjoying the experience.

Hi Dave, we havent gone to Cornwall, we had other things to do. So we will go in a few weeks as we need it off the drive for when we sell the house. Shh I have seen a bungalow....

Chickpea said...

Margaret Atwood is one of my favourite authors, I read The Handmaids Tale many years ago, hopefully I will find the time to join in as I would like to re-read it. Written many years ago, it has become very relevant today as many of her books have. Good to see another of my favourite books on your list, The Color Purple, wonderful book.

Sol said...

Hey Chickpea, good to hear from you. I hope you are keeping well. I think it (the handmaidens tale) could be very different from what I remember. I read the colour purple in my early 20's. I am hoping it is a good read again. Join in if you can, no problem if you are too busy at present. Home life must take the lead. Beaming love, Sol xxx