Wednesday 22 February 2017

Caravan bits and pieces

the wheels fallen off!

Life is a bit odd right now.  Am not sure if I am coming or going.  Anyways, on to the caravan.

We didnt move the caravan at the weekend.  Posh Boy wants new carpet, so it is to stay on the drive for a few more weeks whilst we sort it out.  The one above is quite close to ours.  The door behind the wheel at the back.  

We also havent put the the awning up.  That will be a laugh for the neighbours I am sure.

I bought some saucepans for the caravan in Tesco, reduced to £13.  {Circulon}, is the make, I was amazed when I saw the price of them on Amazon.  I got a real bargain there didnt I!

The fail was I also bought {these Bodum mugs}, for £5 in the same Tesco.  They have to go back and get a refund, if they have a hot drink in them. the glass of the mug which is only single skin, touches your finger when you pick it up by the handle.  These are going back today. Dangerous.

We already have a kettle, one for the electric and one if we need to use the gas burner.  Why the 2?  Well we arent having much in the caravan and I would rather if we have an electric hook up, use the electric, than the gas stove.  I am not sure I will use the gas stove much as it kind of weirds me out that I might not turn it off properly and we will be sleeping in the same area.  

We were quite lucky when we bought this caravan, they left it containing most things.  The electric hook up cables, the waste water containers, a sack truck if you need to get water, a gas bottle, the step to get in.  All things we would of had to buy if we had bought it from a dealer.

I am really quite pleased with it.  I am booked in on a training weekend, to make sure I am OK, incase I have to tow it.  Which will probably be never, but I need to be prepared, just incase.  We will see how we get on with it and then later if we really enjoy it, we will bring forward buying a motor home.  Which we werent going to do till we retired.  After last year I say, sod that, do it whilst we can.  

The house is shaping up slowly.  Unfortunately for us, our mortgage is at an end, so today we had a surveyor around to value the house for the mortgage company.  We are remortgaging as we may not sell as quickly as we would like.  And we can always move it with us if we find THE FOREVER HOUSE, that is that little bit more than we have equity in the house....  Ha ha as if the forever home really exists.... lol  I make myself laugh.

Tell me somewhere good to visit in Cornwall that isnt Eden, or the Lost Gardens of Heligan... I am writing my Cornish bucket list of places to see.

What plans do you have for outings or holidays later this year?  


Raybeard said...

Do be careful that in the next couple of days Doris doesn't push your home over!

northsider said...

Tresco on the Scilly Isles (we went there by helicopter from Penzance), St Michael's Mount - the blue room especially, midweek car-boot sales, Polperro, Looe, St Kew Highway for the Donkey Sanctuary, Fistral beach for the surfing... Plenty to keep you busy Sol.

Unknown said...

Places to visit in Cornwall. St Micheals mount, Glendurgan gardens. Free places not too busy Godrevy a walk around the headland to the hidden coves below should usually see some seal sightings. The coast road from St Ives to St just is stunning drive. Sennen cove lovely beach and village. Nearby ancient standing stones of the "merry maidens" near St Buryan the also " Lanyon quout" another ancient stone. Chy causter iron age village. HTH

Eleanor said...

Hi, just found your blog. Think twice about changing from a caravan to a motorhome. We have a motorhome and find it difficult to park in smaller towns and cities, and are thinking of changing to a caravan. Much easier I think to park up at a site, unhitch the car and go where you please.


local alien said...

Your caravan is mighty! Good luck with the driving lessons. Boy, I'd be hopeless at that. We always wanted a small campers but never got round to it. Holidays, away-days? Too much time spent damn celebrating. I'd rather be travelling. Not so. Enjoy your away-days!!!

Billy Blue Eyes said...

I have a new caravan on order, I'm too fussy about getting a second hand one. So through the sack truck away and get an Aqua Roll to use on your van, better with two that way you always have one full.. Electric hook up is a must though we use the gas for cooking with and electric on the heater. Enjoy you caravanning and don't end up like the guy in the Giff

Sol said...

Ha Ha Ray, I did think about it on the drive when the wind was battering the back of the house. It is snug and tightly fitted into the drive between the house, garage and fence. Hopefully we wont need to send Dorothy to look for it! Hope you are keeping well.

Hi Dave and Maggie, thank you for all of these places to see! I am going to write them all down and then have them in a book in the caravan, we can then see where we fancy on that day! Thanks for the names of these places!!!

Hi Maggie, I hadnt thought about if I needed to park it in the day. For some unknown reason it didnt even cross my mind. We will have to think about that. Maybe a stronger car to tow the caravan more?

Hi Linda, we got the caravan so we can stay in Cornwall whilst looking for a house. over weekends and the odd day when we have to fly down the motorway to see a house and need to have a 2nd viewing the next day... that sort of thing. As we have the dogs it will be hard to find B&B or a hotel at short notice that will let us stay with the dogs. After we find a house, we will be using the caravan for holidays, mostly to see family in Scotland I would think. We have a route that we would like to do that will take 6 weeks! lol Seeing family all along the way and staying 2 nights in the places we need to. For sure we will enjoy it. There is something really freeing about not being able to have too much stuff, just the basics around you.

Hi Bill, thanks for your comment. I think maybe we have an aqua roller? its a tank with big wheels? We have that and another tank for something. To tell the truth I am staying well out of it at present as the Mr is bustling about in there. And thinking where he wants to put boxes in under the seats etc. Do you have a caravan now? Do you have a big vehicle to tow it? we have a diesel estate astra, it didnt seem to struggle, but I am thinking maybe if we are going all the way to scotland and maybe to Ireland we might want it for the comfort of the car being heavier? I am going to become a caravan nerd I am sure.

Billy Blue Eyes said...

Have a read of this, my take on a couple of caravans. I have just bought a new Pegasus. Keep up with the excitement. Melamine is fine if your going to be towing the caravan often. One other point is gas. I use Calor Gaslite which are a lot lighter than the normal calor gas bottles you might want to check them out

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

How wonderful that you have a caravan!! We call them campers here in the states. Something we've always wanted. My in-laws stayed in one on their property while they were having a house built. They really are a great invention, aren't they? : ) Enjoy it in good health and best of luck with the house search. We live in a town called Cornwall on Hudson in New York. It's a lovely little town. I hope to visit your Cornwall some day. It's on my bucket list. xoxo

~ Wendy

Sol said...

Hi Bill, I am off to look at your blog post now.

Hello Wendy! I love that you live in a town called Cornwall. Have you seen the TV programme Poldark yet? The scenary is stuning. Dont be fooled that all of Cornwall looks like it. But there is lots of sea views and rolling patchwork hills and the moors. It is a beautiful area for sure and I hope to call it home very soon.

Thanks for your comments! :)

Sue in Suffolk said...

We've had all sorts and pros and cons with each - tent,caravans (old and newer) camper vans (small and bigger)and back to oldish caravan which we bought off ebay and it came withe everything including a second carpet!

Harry Flashman said...

Sounds like life is moving along there. That's a nice looking trailer. I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun with it.

Sol said...

Hey Elaine, I am sure we will have lots of little teething problems, but all in all I think we got a bargain!

Ha Ha Harry that isnt our caravan, its one I found on google. We will need it when we start looking for a new house and then for holidays around scotland and maybe even Ireland. Which will be a real treat there are so many things I want ot see! Hope you are well.