Tuesday 7 February 2017

Bravecto - A cautionary tale

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Dont eat whilst reading this....  If you dont have any dogs or cats, this post isnt for you.  Come back tomorrow. 😊

Eric has previously had {Bravecto}, for flea and tick treatment.  Rather than putting spots on his neck for this, we had given him this chewable tablet.  It looks and smells like a rather large dog food kibble.  We had been very happy with it.

As Marta is growing rapidly, she is now over 5kg in weight.  We spoke to the Vet about her also taking this 3 month preventative tablet.  She was deemed fit and health, along with Eric, who 2 weeks previous had eaten a stick and had intestinal issues passing it.  All very anxious times.  

We treated them both at that time for parasites just incase it was that, as Eric had never eaten or chewed sticks prior to us having Marta.  Marta is a real retriever of objects and loves to carry little sticks around and chew them.  Eric, must have decided to join in, but actually ate it.  So, parasites tablets dispatched.  Eric had a week course of antibiotics and a syringe of Promax to counter act the strong antibiotics.  Both were given the all clear and a quick check on the day we got the Bravecto.

Back to Marta, 2 weeks later, we gave her the Bravecto, on the Thursday night before bed.  Next morning, she was screaming in her crate to get out at 3 am.  This is most unusual as she normally goes to bed at 10pm and gets up at 5am.  Blood and diarrhea everywhere.  A very floppy Marta staggered back towards us.  Emergency vet called and a pajama clad pair met the vet at the practice.  

{Promax}, given and a drip for fluids.  We were sent home with out her.  The Vets were amazing and called us every 2 hours with an update.  There is a small chance that it can cause renal failure.  At 5pm they called us.  Come and collect her.  Diet of only chicken and rice and the promax.  No treats, gentle walks no more than 15 minutes long.

I am pleased to say we have just got back to normal, 2 weeks later.  Lots of 2, 3 and 4am wake up calls from her to go out.  Bless her cotton socks.  

She is back to her normal self.  I am thankful for the Vets quick response and in a strange way to her crate.  Had she not have been shut in her over night crate (we only shut her in, so she doesnt wander as she fell down the stairs the first week we had her), we would not have been alerted to her state and been able to get help quickly.  

I hope this hasnt been too disgusting for you, I just wanted to say, maybe dont give this to young puppies until they are a bit stronger and have a better stomach to cope with it.  

What with this, the kitchen builders from HELL who we have told dont come back part the way through.  I have never really come across a man who when you say something, says he will speak to Posh Boy when he comes home.  I have been a Project Assistant working on some huge building sites all over the south, and have never been dismissed ever before.  

We are a bit wrung out at present.  Another day has dawned.  Off to the coal face, I have scheduled this post today.  Lets see if it appears at 11.30am... lol 

Sadie, if you are reading this, I have tried to comment on your blog, but I couldnt work out how...?  


Dani said...

We give our cat (and late dog) a tick and flea collar called Seresta - made by Bayer. Although pricey, it lasts 8 months before you need to replace it.

Sol said...

I think I will look into that. It scared me to death that she was so floppy and her eyes were all droopy and couldnt focus. apparently dogs die from it. a lot of them in the USA. We wont be giving it to Eric again. Thanks for the heads up Dani, hope you are well.

Tracy said...

Goodness gracious me. What a time for you all. How very sad and testing. I really do feel for you. We thought we were losing a friend's pony due to a wormer once. Truly awful. He pulled through thankfully.
We have our "puppies" in a cage now as they keep licking a wound on the other dog and it's simply not getting to heal.

Sol said...

Hey Tracy, we only put her in the crate and lock the door at night. In the day time she can come and go as she likes, but she is very uncoordinated. her legs seem to have a lofe of their own and she even falls down the 2 steps in the lounge. And she is a wanderer, where as Eric, gets in his bed and just stays there till 5am. I am glad the pony is ok. It worried me to death and made my nerves quite bad for a few days.

Jules said...

Thank goodness all is now well. It must have been a horrible time for you. I have never heard of that treatment before. X

northsider said...

I think giving the dogs a bath will drown any fleas Sol. The flea collar sounds a good idea too. Good luck with the kitchen.

Sol said...

Hello Jules, we had also never heard of it before we got the rescue dog and it was in his notes that he had this. Scary stuff.

Ha ha Dave, I would need to be an octopus to keep Eric in the bath long enough to kill them. I could imagine them all running to the top of his back, all trying to get into life jackets to not drown! lol Thanks, we need the luck it is a right old mess. Not happy at all, and all they do is argue with us. We keep asking for the bill and he keeps coming back with bizarre emails ranting but no final cost or payment request. Its weird.

Dani said...

Sorry - got the spelling wrong : http://www.seresto.com/en/home/

Sol said...

Thanks Dani, I will have a look at that as an alternative!

Janie Junebug said...

Poor Marta! How frightening for all of you. I'm glad she's okay. My dogs take a pill once a month to chase away the fleas and parasites. It's called Trifexis. No problems for my pups, but I've heard some people say it's dangerous. I get it from the vet by prescription. I don't think our vets would knowingly prescribe something dangerous.


Sol said...

Hi Janie, I googled it later and saw all of the side effects. There is a facebook page to campaign against it and to remove it from the US market. I am going with the spot on stuff now. Hope you are well!

yellowtulip118@gmail.com said...

I have not heard of this product but thanks for the heads up, I will pass this on to all my 'dog' friends. I have always felt uneasy about giving our dogs oral parasite medication, and definitely won't in the future. I hope your dogs are on the mend poor wee things.

Sol said...

Jacqui Hi, I thought she was going to die. I really thought that was it. The dogs are getting back to themselves, although they are a little clingy and I woke up from an impromptu nap on the couch to find a puppy on my head and the other with his head in my lap.

I wanted to blog about it, so others know to act fast. Thanks for your comment.

Aurora said...

By 'told not to come back' do you mean 'buried under the new kitchen floor'? Bloody hell please leave them terrible reviews on Yelp or wherever.

Our cat is a bit of a fleabag, and has had every medication under the sun thrown at her over the years, thankfully not reacting poorly to any of them. However our vet warned us that reactions to a few of them are all too common. Glad she is OK and hope you recover from your ordeal soon.

Sol said...

Hi Aurora, ha ha they laid the tiles on the floor in the kitchen and they arent level. We went to Devon out the way and when we came back it was like chimps had done it. I could have cried. But it is all being sorted. My surname isnt Jordache! lmao

Poor cat, my mums old cat lived to 18, but she always had fleas through the summer. Her present cat doesnt but she is a demon and they are probably scared of her! I know I am! lol

Elaine said...

I'm so glad that she has fully recovered. It must have been a terrible time for you.
As you know, we have had occasional infestations with fleas and they can take an awful lot of constant hard work to eradicate from the house, which is why the animals are only allowed in the kitchen, conservatory and boot room and we have a strong automatic closure on the doors which lead away to the rest of the house!
I do (very reluctantly) occasionally use chemical treatments on the cats and Toby but generally I groom frequently and keep an ever vigilant eye out for the little b*ggers and seeing as I am the tastiest human in the house I soon know when there is a problem. I have a very deep distrust of loading my animals systems with chemicals and I feel ill with worry after dosing them just as I hate the idea of spraying chemicals around our house.
Sorry Sol, I'm not saying that I am right, it's just something which I have always worried about.
Could be tempted to give those builders a bit of a spray though. ;-) Give those dogs a hug and remember that you will get there. Beforre you know it you will be off and enjoying some wonderful new adventures and I'm looking forward to reading about them.

Sol said...

Hi Elaine, Eric came to us from the rescue home with severe skin complaints through stress, bald patches and eczema, open sores and blisters. This was due to neglect and fleas. Which is why the rescue home were giving him Bravecto, as a precaution we were advised to carry on with it and treat the puppy for fleas also. It maybe when the summer comes his skin and fur will be recovered and we can then look at going more au natural.

I cant wait till we move. I really cant.

Sue said...

Gosh I'm glad she is okay now, what a scare. We have never used these tablets, and I think after reading this we'll stick with Advantage for the dogs and Frontline for Ginger, the cat. Thank goodness you got to her so quickly and got the vet. xx

Sol said...

Hi Sue, it was really scary. I will look into advantage also. Thanks