Wednesday 8 February 2017

Films I have seen on DVD lately


I watched this last month.  It was entertaining, if a little silly in some places where he spoke directly to the camera.  Got nothing better to do on a rainy afternoon?  Maybe watch it.  Average for me.  4/10 I probably wont watch this again.

Jason Bourne

We actually bought this as a box set with the other 3 films.  I really liked this film.  Fast pace.  8/10 That is high praise from me.  Will I watch this again!  YES, yes, yes.

I also bought this as a box set, as I dont have the other 2 films and they are great "the weather is horrid films".   Very entertaining.  6.5/10  As I am not sure how many times I could re-watch it.


Raybeard said...

I thought all three of these were better than average. I'm with you in the order of ratings you give them.

Janie Junebug said...

I saw the first two Bridget Jones' films and wasn't impressed by them so I haven't seen the third. I've seen some clips for Deadpool and thought it looked kind of funny. I saw the first one or two Bourne Identity movies, and enjoyed them (especially the first one), but they're not something I'd buy so I could watch them repeatedly.


Sol said...

Hey Ray, I have a list of films from your blog and other peoples recommendations, I will work through and buy the DVD or borrow from the library as they are brought out to DVD. There are lots I would like to buy right now, but they arent out in the shops.

Hey Janie, I am collecting a few DVDs to put into the caravan for when we are looking for our house. I like the concept of the Bourne films and can quite believe that this sort of thing does happen. We just dont know about it. The 2nd Bridget Jones film is not as good granted. But I still like them as a bit of light entertainment.

Janie Junebug said...

I know what you mean about light entertainment. If I don't want to think too much about something and a Bridget Jones' movie come on TV, I'll watch it.

Love again,