Saturday 25 February 2017

Awning up

This is our caravan.  Eldis broadway 470/2

We had a quick practice at putting the awning up.  I didnt want to get to the camp site and try and do this with people looking at us, whilst we attempted it.  And more importantly that putting me off.  I needed to know we could do it and that all of the pieces are there.  

There is a tear that has been repaired and a few pin holes in the awning.  We will need to address this.  Rather make do and mend.  If we decide caravaning is for us, we may in the future, get a full length awning.  Although this one is perfectly good enough in size as we wont be sleeping it in (the sleeping section is in there, we just wont add it), we will probably use it to put our camping table and chairs.  These 2 items we have used every year when camping, they work really well for us and we see no need to change this.

New blind pulls have replaced the old broken and cracked ones, this makes it look a lot more tidy.  All of the fly screens are in good condition, even the door fly screen is whole and not torn anywhere.  We have seen a lot of caravans where there arent fly screens at all or are poor quality and broken.  All of the blinds work. (These are all really good points for us as we werent looking for a caravan to fix up, we need it for a few holidays and for us to stay in when viewing houses in Cornwall.)

The curtains are faded, we could change these, but I am holding this back for if we want to carry on after this summer.  I do hope we love it, but we have to be realistic that we may not like it.  Hence the caravan was quite cheap and only a small one.  Heck if the new house we buy, doesnt have room for an office, this may have to go into the garden for this purpose.  When the idiot builders were here doing the kitchen, it was used as an office and it worked really well!  It would be cheaper than a home office cabin in the garden!!! 

Now we just need to name it!


Elaine said...

What fun! It is all starting to get very exciting. I totally agree about the fly screens, hugely important. Will the dogs be travelling with you? My BiL takes his two (large) dogs and they have a fabulous time. Have you finally got rid of the builders?

Sol said...

Hey Elaine, yes we will take the dogs as we will find it hard to get a hotel or B&B who take dogs and especially at short notice, whe nwe are looking at houses.

The builders in the kitchen we had to get rid of half the way through. We are slowly sorting all the things out that they did wrong.

northsider said...

Great caravan Sol. You can always keep it for visitors to stay in when you get the new house. Have you not considered renting an house in Cornwall to see if you like the area first?

Sol said...

Hi Dave, we have family in the area, all of my school friends who couldnt afford to live where we grew up in Devon live there and we lived in the area we are looking at for 2 years previously. We are just going to try for the town we wanted to live in when we were there, but couldnt afford at the time. Hopefully we can find what we want in our price range at the time we have sold! lol all a lot of ifs and buts! ha ha Hope you are well ;)

Billy Blue Eyes said...

Nice lightweight porch awning of the tunnel variety should be quick & easy to put up unlike my Isabella, my wife sits and watches me struggle :)), Don't think we have ever called our caravan anything might have to just do that

Sol said...

Hey Bill, it was quite quick to put up once we had seen it done on youtube! I didnt know that was what the grooves were for on the outside of the caravan!

All vehicles and boats have to have names. Apparently they are normally female names. But I quite like Vinnie or Ed. Vinnie the van. or Ed the Eldis! LOL