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Friday, 28 October 2016

Friday, Friday!

picture of Burford, from google
Greetings from the Cotswolds.  Good Morning, how are you?

Have you been to Bibury?  It is very pretty.  Before moving to this house, we did try and buy a house there, but the vendor decided they didnt want to move house after all.  In hindsight they did us a favour.  The house was lovely, but we didnt really think about all the tourists or the cars.  I have since  seen lines of coaches, rumbling outside the house when I have passed it.  Not good. I would hate that.

I have had the luxury of being about to blog hop a lot in the last 2 weeks.  Here are a few new to me blogs and posts from some of my favourite blogs.

Have you seen Linda's Blog?  No?  Go see it {HERE}.

Although not a blog, I saw {THIS} on the BBC.  This is great news post Brexit vote.  We need more of this, more manufacturing.

{Manger}, I have loved this blog for a long time.  So many children and still has time to have such beautiful hair, mix this with her dress sense and ballet shoes I am sure to try some of her recipes.

With the renovations and the loss of my interior design mojo, I have turned to my old faithful read of {Young House Love} and my 2 new finds of  {The Jungalow}, who seems to love house plants as much as myself and {Sopo Cottage}, who renovate and decorate older homes.  They make them beautiful, go see for yourself.

How are you doing with the read a long?  I  only read another 30 or so pages yesterday.  I need to pick it up a bit to be on track, as I am thinking my first few days of the new job are going to long.

On purpose I chose A Christmas Carol, not only as it will be December, but it is also not a huge read, I think it is approximately 100 pages.  I realise many people will be busy and out and about, this coming month.  Plus, well, I just wanted to read it. **** This is in reply to the comment left by a person who didnt want the whole of their comment published.  I hope you read this explaination of the shortness of the book and not choosing another to bulk it out. ;) *****

Right, I am off to put Gardeners World on for Eric, he likes to watch it.

Have a fabulous weekend!  It looks as if it might be quite cold, just the type of weather to curl up with your book, a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate.  Spoil yourself with a few biscuits.  I will have ginger nuts, my favourite!


Tom Stephenson said...

Biburyis too pretty for its own good.

Sol said...

Hi Tom, yes it is. The Swan is quite nice. I was in Bath yesterday, there was a big issue seller, a woman of about 35ish, I am no good at ages. I went in to Waitrose and when I came out she was sobbing on the pavement. Not the lady who looks like she does drugs, a different one. I was just about to go over to her, when a man got to her before me... I wonder if that was you? I dont know what happened to her, maybe someone was really abusive to her? So many people then went over that I walked away.

thrift deluxe said...

I don't believe I have been to Bilbury, I know what you mean about visitors though, I used to live right opposite the city wall in York - you needed a dressing gown to hand when getting out of bed!

Off to check out your links now. Have a good weekend, I've just made some scones and scoffed two of them, going to Lancaster tomorrow for cinnamon rolls, I know they're not biscuits but they're sweet and delicious albeit too big to dunk into a mug.

northsider dave said...

Hi Sol. No Monty, Nigel and Nellie until next March. I am sure they could show us plenty of work to do in the gardens over winter.

Sol said...

Hi Thrift Deluxe, how exciting to live so close to such history. I would be out there looking in all the nooks and crannies of the walls. I cant have scones they have milk in them dont they? I have never tried to make them with oat milk or soya and marg. I might have to try that. I am obsessed with the ginger biscuits from Lidl!

Hi Dave, I know it was the last one, I tape them and watch them when I can. Eric likes to watch and then gives a low rumble growl at Nigel and Nellie. there was a little white west highland terrier on this show. He ran up and sat right in front of the TV for that one! Maybe they should do a monthly programme through the winter.

The_Croods said...

Hot chocolate for me - ginger nuts are my favourite too. I tried an alternative ginger biscuit with oats, a Mary berry recipe and they were divine. I'm going back to my childhood reads and reading Enid Blyton through an adults eyes, ahh to be so young again.

Sol said...

Hi Croods, I love a hot chocolate made with coconut milk and let down a little with oat milk. it comes out a little like a bounty bar.

I recently read one of the Roald Dahl books to my great nieces, and they are quite dark really! Read those now and see what you think

Raybeard said...

I lived on the edge of the Cotswolds, in Oxford, from '75-'88 yet never ever visited those villages properly. Even worse (in a sense), a few times I took the train over to Worcester, completely missing out on the area, in order to hike around the Malverns and Vale of Evesham. Unforgivable to have missed the equally picturesque Cotswolds even closer on my own doorstep - at least judging from the pic of Burford, above.

Sadie said...

I don't know Bilbury, but I do know Burford! Bill and I once spent a really lovely weekend there, I think at the Bay Tree, but I'm no sure. Long time ago now, but it was such a beautiful place. I'd love to go back. Preferably in the snow!

Oh Sol, thank you so much for your comment today, it made me smile so much and was just what I needed. Sometimes comments really make me roll my eyes and wonder why people read my blog when they clearly think I'm a total moron! I will happily read along with you, I love, love, love A Christmas Carol.

Have a beautiful weekend. Enjoy your Blue Fairy time! ;o)

p.s I shall check out the blog you mentioned over the weekend!

Jules said...

I've never been to Bilbury but it does look ever so pretty. I might start reading A Christmas Carol now and maybe I will have finished in time for December. X

Sol said...

Hi Ray, what a shame you missed out on the Cotswolds charms. It is very much like Lark Rise to Candleford around here. If you squint your eyes and play french music in your head you could be in France because of the colour of the stone. Burford is a delight but extremely touristy as is Bibury. My friend lives there and has lovely flowers in the front garden, Ever day in the summer she has to shoo Japanese tourists out of her garden. Just like that day I came home to a tour group tramping all over my garden and my elderly neighbours. I think they thought it was a film set, not that people live here. They frightened the life out of my neigbours who called their son one of the local farmers and the police!

Hi Sadie, Bibury has a lovely atmosphere when the coaches turn their engines off. THere is a trout farm and I think, I am not sure, but I think it has been used as the back drop for films. If you go, go early. There is no parking and people abandon their cars willy nilly there.

Forget some peoples comments. If they sat in a room with you, I am sure the saying "they like the sound of their own voice", would cross your mind. lol If I could I would have lit every candle in my house and not had the lights on at all and danced about with abandon! Do that with Violet this weekend!

Halloween, I have so many sweets, the blue fairy dress is actually a bridesmaids dress I wore once and a velvet bolero *SP* I have borrowed a cone hat with a train. Cant wait. It was really cute last year when all the little kids came dressed in their princess dresses or pirate outfits. I was Pippi Longstockings last year but the kids dont know who that is now do they?

You have a fab weekend. Light every candle till they give you a head ache!

p.s. that person probably dislikes fairy lights also. Which is a crime? No?

Sol said...

Hey Jules, go for it, I think it is fab to read it. Maybe do it like Sadie said and read it by candle light! I am not sure if my eyes are up to that! Dont forget something nice to drink. It makes it soooo much better. I am really pleased you are joining it! Thank you!

Have a fab weekend!

thrift deluxe said...

Ginger biscuits are also popular here. For scones I use almond milk and whatever dairy free spread is on offer at the supermarket.

Sol said...

Ohh Thrift Deluxe, interesting. I will have to think about that and try and make some! Thanks for that!!!

Tom Stephenson said...

I cannot reply to your reply to my comment direct - I don't know why not, but it may be something to do with your comment moderation.

Anyway, did the woman have only one arm?

local alien said...

SOL RULES😉 Thanks for the advertisement. Luv you too lol. I am getting through north and south by skipping pages I'm afraid. I used to read this sort of book many years ago and loved them. Hard going now but I'll make it one way or another. I'm about half way cheating. Thought last night I should start putting down my thoughts on it. I also want to read the Christmas Carol. A classic I've never read

Sol said...

Hi Tom, no I dont know of a big issue seller with one arm. She was small and dark haired.

Hi Linda, read how ever you can, I am also looking forward to Dickens.

Kev Alviti said...

My wife grew up just down the road from burford and I grew up in a tourist town and it does drive us nuts, although where we live now has it's moments in the summer! We used to live near stratford and we loved going for fish and chips on a winters afternoon, no one around just a beautiful town to enjoy!

Sol said...

Hi Kev, Burford is lovely but I wouldnt want to live there. I dont know how you can get anywhere. Fish and chips! Yum

Gillian Roe said...

While it must be lovely to live in a really picturesque area, I hadn't thought of the tourists and parking and all those things...I am quite glad for my house in the suburbs - the only people who come here and the ones who live here! But I did love the Cotswolds when we visited a few years ago - it really is exceptionally pretty.

Sol said...

Hey Gillian, your pictures on your lastest blog are lovely. What a great place to stay.

The Cotswolds are lovely. Some places very quiet, and then others so busy you cant park. Like I said to Dave, if you squint and it is a warm day you can believe you are in the south of France

Stephanie Faris said...

I wish it were cold here It was in the 80s all weekend. I wanted to wear my winter clothes, but it was way too hot, so I spent the weekend in T-shirts. It's going to be in the 80s most of the week. I'm ready for fall weather!

Sol said...

Hi Stephanie, it is definitely cooler here today. Lots of fog again. Tshirts! Wow!!!!