Tuesday 11 October 2016

Right Now

Woke up at 4am today.  No idea why.  I am back down to 4 hours sleep a night.  My eyes and brain feel like the above picture. 

Saw something about the Princess Diana Beany baby being worth £60k.  Scampered around the house to find my fortune, hidden in a box.  Made in Indonesia, not China.  I had what could have been a fortune in my mind for 20 minutes.  The excitement was giddy.  Then came the realisation that, nope, you still have to go to work.  Urgh

Pruned the roses in the front garden then realised I should have done it in February.  Whoops.

Waiting in for the builders to come back and take their tools and rubbish.  I think they have been using our house and garden to store stuff until they needed it.  Next payment has been requested, we requested they got rid of everything.  It has been there for 2 months.  Suddenly they are coming today, I wonder why? ;)

Main bathroom upstairs has been painted, Med blue.  I love it.  I think others will think it is too dark.  It needs something orange, like a vase or something to lift it.  I adore the mix of orange and blue.  Next week I will probably see something that I like and my colour choice will change.

Since the insulation has been done, even when 5 oC out side like this morning, the house sits at 17.5 oC indoors.  It was 13.5 to 14 oC in the winter last year.  Ok, it isnt the same time of year. But a 3.5 degree rise in temperature, I will take that and smile.  We still dont have flooring in the porch or hall/landing.  Therefore it should get a little warmer?  We can hope that it gets better again.

My lounge (lol my Aunt always says she hates that word, "its a SITTING ROOM"), looks like a florist or a rain forest.  Spider plants x 4, Japanese peace lillies x 2, weeping figs x 2 and yucca x 2.  Its like a Victorians house, although I dont have any ferns.  Maybe I need ferns?

All kind of boring and mundane things right now.


p.s. I think I am a little like Greg {Click Here}, in the film The Jane Austen Book Club.  Where he goes to the book shop and buys all of the Jane Austen books in one binding.  lol  I did just that, so they are all together.

Maybe I need another book club, one where I dont need to leave my house.  One where the people are all around the world and they just love to read.  Hmmmm let me ponder that...


northsider said...

Gosh Sol you took me back many moons with the spider plants. Everybody use to have them. You will have to get a cheese plant too.

Sol said...

Ha Ha Dave, My spider plants are huge, they have babies all over them. Funnily enough. when we moved in here along with the pink carpet they left a huge cheese plant. It snaked up the wall, across the ceiling and was attached to the ceiling fan. Our lounge is 21 feet across. So it was about 8 feet-9 feet high and then the 10 feet over to the ceiling fan. It was huge. it really was stuck in a time warp.

Spider plants and peace lillies are excellent at cleaning the air.

I keep giving the spider plants away, but I have so many babies that I cant just let them stay there can I? I have to plant them and grow more! lol

thrift deluxe said...

I love orange and blue together too.

Shame your excitement was so short lived!

Janie Junebug said...

There's such a thing as a Princess Diana Beany baby? Does it wear something expensive and stylish? If you're worried the bathroom is too dark, then you can paint the ceiling in a lighter shade, though I wouldn't necessarily recommend an orange ceiling. My master bath is kind of a dark brown, but the ceiling is gold. It looks good with the light brown tile. That bathroom is one of the joys of my life. Getting the new roof put on my house took one day. I had a dumpster in my driveway for a while afterwards, along with some of their equipment. Don't they need that stuff? Are we the only customers they have so they don't come back to get their equipment until they have another customer and that can be in the distant future? I am someone around the world, and I love to read. Jane Austen is my favorite writer. I even read The Jane Austen Book Club. I thought it was okay. I'd rather re-read Emma or Pride and Prejudice. Or Sense and Sensibility. Jane Austen is hilarious. She can sum up a character in one paragraph so you know exactly what that person is like. Sleep, sleep, poppies, sleep . . . I'm looking into my crystal ball and waving my wicked witch wand. Oh, no! I shall send the flying monkeys to grab you. Watch out! Those flying monkey are sons of . . . mama flying monkeys. If you think you see the flying monkeys now, it's time to make an appointment with a doctor. You need your sleep, my friend.


Sol said...

Hi Thift Deluxe, The colour combination is nice I think.

I know, I saw that a teenager bought one of those beany babies at a car boot sale and sold it on ebay for a small fortune. It wasnt meant to be... lol

Hope you are well

Annie's Journal said...

Sol, it sounds like your insulated home is all ready for the coming winter:) Even your lounge has already turned into greenhouse:) Ours hasn't reached that point yet...but it's definitely very autumn already in our garden...man made autumn!!, as we poured bags and bags of dried leaves on every corner of our garden + rain shower arrived this week!
Your mind have been having lots of thinking exercise...hope the work out will bring lots of sweet dreams from then on:)

Sol said...

Hey Annie, hope you are well. Before we took the roof off of the house there was no insulation. The wood store is full and we have logs stacked everywhere. They keep saying on the news that we are going to have 4 months of very cold weather, starting this weekend. LOL We are ready! well maybe not as I dont like snow or ice.