Wednesday 12 October 2016

Read a long? - Book club?

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I would really like to start a book club.  Not one where I have to leave the house, but on here.  Would you like to read along?  Do some sort of link up.  

Say we read a book a month, or every 6 weeks.  You blog about it on your own blog and then link to all the other people who you know are reading along.  You then go to every other blog in the link and leave a comment on their post.

What do you think?  You dont have to dress up, you can turn up to write it when you want.  No one will talk over you.  You dont feel obliged to eat food you dont really like, or drink wine that isnt great.  You can sit in pajamas, drink what ever you like, eat a whole pack of biscuits, or waffles and write what you want about the book.

Are you up for it?

Maybe start with a classic and then next month read Dickens to finish before Christmas.

You can be from anywhere in the world (I will try and work out how to add the translate button to my blog).

What do you think?

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p.s. I have just added the translation button.  If you go to settings, then layout, there are labels 'add gadget', it comes up with options.  So you can add it where you want it, top, bottom, side bar.  Ahh if only everything in blogger was that easy...


Raybeard said...

Good suggestion, Sol. I'm going to think seriously about it. It could even form a little club of us bibliophiles. As I've been considering reducing my cinema-going (which I've been saying I'll do for years but haven't yet started) a book review blog might be the very replacement needed. Let's see what others say to your idea.

Btw: I'm now nearly halfway through my current endeavour, mentioned before - Tom Wolfe's 'A Man in Full'. Can't say it'd be a strong recommendation, at least not so far. Too many strands to it so I keep losing track as to who is who. But we'll plough on.

Btw: How are you doing with Eric and his vital walkies? We can rely on you not to give him any chocs, of course - though not sure what the advice is on honey. Also very dubious or even a no-no, I would have thought. But I'm NOT going to lecture you!

Sol said...

Hi Ray, I do hope others would like to join in. I will do it anyways and see if others join in. You could just put your reviews on your current blog and then if you carry on going to the cinema they can run side by side. Books and films.

Eric still pulls when on the lead he is so eager to get to the fields. Strangely when you are in a town situation or in Pets at home shop, he trots along. Even has dogs go right past him. Its all very odd.

He is sat on the sofa next to me right now. with his nose burried in one of his many fleece blankets. No, no chocolate or honey. He does however have his own plain probiotic yoghurt. Yes, he really does. The Vet said it is good for him and his stomach as he was thin when we got him and his stomach was upset a lot. My Dad thinks this may have been because the shelter only feed the dogs what is donated. So one day it could be Bakers complete, the next some other dog food. Where he was so stressed and anxious all the time when he was there, he just needs a bit of time to calm down and feel safe. The rest will come.

Hope you are well

Raybeard said...

I'm pleased for Eric that he's got an owner who knows more than most about dogs. The only dog my family ever had (now about 55-60 years ago) was fed everything she would eat - chocolate, included, shockingly. But then general ignorance about their welfare was subject to widespread ignorance. No excuse these days. Obviously Eric's delicate digestive condition makes it pre-eminent that he's given only what won't harm him, and there he looks to be in very good hands.

As for self, yes, I'm fine thanks. No change in anything, including you-know-what. Still waiting to hear, but now inclined to tell dentist just to leave things as they are as I can live with it myself, preferring to avoid the pain of surgery, and not too bothered about what others think when I open my mouth. That's their problem.

And you, with your own trials?

Sol said...

Thanks Ray, we aretrying our best as he hasnt had the best start.

I'm sorry that you are still waiting to hear from them. My own knee is a pain in the rump, but what can you do. I also refuse to have the operation. as new knees only last 15 years. I could have it. but then it would mean possibly 2 operations in my life time and no guarantee that it will heal well, and it is duff by ten years I am told and takes 2-3 years to settle down. I am not sure it is worth the bother. I cant really ride my bike and I did try running but it completely gave out and I fell down. Hence I didnt do the race for life. Which I was quite dissapointed with. but you cant make a leg do what it doesnt want to.

We will both have to soldier on. Chin up, best foot forward.

Elaine said...

I love the idea of forming a book club, but I do know that once I have to read something I find myself prevaricating and reading anything except that particular book or document. So I'll cautiously welcome it and give it a go!

I hope Eric's tummy settles down. Toby Too had a tricky tummy when he came to us, we tried lots of things, without success, until the vet finally suggested feeding him reduced fat food. talk about a miracle cure! His problem was gone within a day and he's fine now, as long as we stick with the low fat.

Sol said...

Hi Elaine, I had read somewhere that dog food is really cheap stuff with all of the floor sweepings etc added to it and then sprayed with rancid fat to try and get the dogs to eat it. Its is no wonder most dogs have problems with their stomachs and skin.

The book club - I hope more people may join in. It needs to be a good first book so everyone gets into it. it will then become a habit to read it.

Anonymous said...

I am of the same mind as Elaine, however much I like the idea of a book club. I also don't have a blog. I will probably join in at some point, as long as I feel I might enjoy the book selected. Good luck.

Sol said...

Hi Toffeeapple, even though you dont have a blog, you can write a large comment. And still comment on everyone elses.

We need to think about the books. Although I really like the idea of doing Dickens before Christmas.

Stephanie Faris said...

I think a blogging book club is a great idea, since meeting up with one in person can be difficult for some people. Although you miss the delicious food and beverages that are usually part of in-person book clubs!

Raybeard said...

Sol, your own troubles, which you detail above, put my own in perspective. I should think you'd rather have mine than yours - as I would too.
As you say, chin up (though in my case it's a rather unfortunate expression), and we'll sally forth together. So get along with you, Sally!

Sol said...

Hi Stephanie, thank you for your comment. Feel free to join in. I think I will look over the weekend at a suitable first book or possible books and I will some how work out how to add one of those voting buttons on to the post so people who would like to read along can. I hope you will join in.

Ray, your accident is personal to you, and your injury is awful as you feel it is. What you feel is no more or less than it should be. I hope you have a good day today. Looks nice out from here.

Raybeard said...

Have a 'spiffing' w/e, Sol - this is in response to your more recent posting, "fiddling" with it and all.

Sol said...

Ha Ha Ray, I am not very good at fiddling with the blog. I normally lose all of my posts or comments. We will see if we cant tart this place up a bit. Although I quite like the uncluttered look. And for sure there wont be any flashing bits. lol Have a lovely weekend!!

northsider said...

It sounds like a good weekend Sol. Hopefully X Factor free. We always end up watching it and we can never remember when a contestant from last year appears. I would be up for the book club. Think you should choose the book because it's your idea. Watched Suffragette the other night. It was superb.

Sol said...

Hey Dave, EXCELLENT another person. wooo hoo.

I dont watch X factor I am not even sure when it is on. I do however watch Strictly come dancing. LOVE IT.

I would like everyone to read A Christmas Carol, ready for Christmas. And the first book we will some how vote on it. So if I do a post over the weekend. And ask people to say a book. I will do a poll on it.

Have a nice night. Off to see the girlies tonight. Woo hoo. Girl night, girl night