Thursday 20 October 2016

Its the final countdown

There are 8 hours left to vote on the read along book for October.

*******Air guitar********

*****Head banging, hair swishing*****


(I am kind of excited about the books now!)


local alien said...

We wait in great anticipation! Smile. Hair combed and all agog

northsider said...

You are far too democratic Sol. It's your idea so you should choose which book we read.

Sol said...

Hey Linda, gosh I remember being on the balcony at my friends house, we must have been 12, rocking out to Europe with MTV blaring in the background. Nearly there with the voting time.

Dave, in a normal book club you all suggest books. I have tried to stick to that. Plus I would like everyone to read Dickens before Christmas. I am trying to do this to get myself out of the rut of constantly reading the same genre, with people saying what they like to read will help me.