Friday 4 November 2016

Never Smile at a Crocodile...

Crocs.  Fashion faux pas?  Do you love them or hate them? I wonder if Peter Pan would wear Crocs...?

We use Crocs in our house as slippers.

A certain dog, *Cough Eric*, obviously dislikes them and wanted not one pair but 2 pairs to be put in the bin.

I give you Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Both pairs are covered in paint splatters and dust, but they are really useful and easy to put on and take off.  I do not wear them in the street, rather I use them as Hausfrau slippers. 

Eric, decided that these shoes had to be killed.  Notice that it is the right shoe of both pairs?  Hmm.  I couldnt find him when I came in, he had been alone for 2 hours.  Where was he?  He was obviously so scared that he had destroyed the shoes that he was hiding.  Where was he?  Behind the sofa, shaking like a leaf.  My heart sinks at this.  And I have to wonder, what the heck have his previous owners done it him?  When I walked by, he only caught my eye as he dash, belly low to the floor and out the door and hid in doorway of the bathroom.  This makes me feel very sad.  It was our fault for leaving them out.  Poor Eric...  Bless him.  This followed him having to have a bath at 6 am, due to an incident, where he rolled in something disgusting.  Today really isnt his day.  He is having a lovely bit of fresh cooked chicken with his dinner, that should perk him up.  If not we will try a little bit of cheese.

In other news in the reductions aisle at the supermarket there were 6 bags of potatoes reduced to 10p each.  All together 15kg for 60p!!!!  BARGAIN! And what do you do with that amout of potatoes to make sure they dont go off?  Well you make them in to parmentier potatoes, Sol style.  I make them and then I freeze them.  I can then bring them out and 15 minutes in the oven, bang, deliciousness on your plate.  I dont make them like Jamie Oliver, nope that would be too easy.  I dice all of the potatoes in to small cubes, aiming for 1.5cm squares.  Here is where it is different, I parboil them in water with fine grated garlic and chopped rosemary.  Lots of rosemary and garlic.  I drain them, tip them back in the saucepan and pour over lots of olive oil.  Lay the potatoes our on baking sheets in a single layer.  Roast in the oven say 180 oC until they start to crisp up and go ever so slightly golden.  You can now freeze these, and take our as much as you want for your dinner at that time.  Say a mug full for a man... Put them back on a baking sheet, 180-200 oC depending on your oven.  15 minutes later, shovel into your face.  To give them a bit more zing, spritz with lemon juice and salt.  Yummy!

Are you ready for bonfire night?  We have a loud film and the calm vapouriser for Eric.  It makes me feel sick from the stink of it, but if it helps him then I can cope with that.

How are you all doing with the book!   OHHHHH I am at an exciting point!!!!!!!!!!  lots of !!!!!!!! ohh er Mrs!!!!

Have a good weekend everyone!!!


Jules said...

Hate them! Eric has done you a favour. 😉 Saying that, I expect they have their uses. I like your way of doing the potatoes. They sound far nicer than regular roasties. X

Kev Alviti said...

I'm with your dog on this one. I have an irrational hate of this sweat inducing footwear.
The holes are where self respect leaks out!
Bit of a soapbox for me I'm afraid!

Sol said...

Ha Ha Jules, I love them as house shoes. Eric is now calming down on his blanket on the sofa. Bless him.

Hey Kev, Crocs really seem to get on peoples nerves dont they. Love 'The holes are where self respect leaks out!' lmao My friend cant touch them, she says the feel of them makes her gag and itch in her hand. how weird is that

Tracy said...

Haha I've never owned a pair so wouldn't know what they felt like bit I imagine them to be slippy? Thinking my feet would constantly slide out would irritate me. I love the idea of the potatoes. Excellent. I may borrow thay 😊 assuming you don't mind 😉

thrift deluxe said...

I have two pairs of crocs, a pair of chelsea boot wellies and a pair of slip on pump type things. I like them a lot and wear them out and about all the time. I've never had any negative comments, mind you people would have to have taken in the rest of my outfit in order to reach my shoes!

Sue in Suffolk said...

I lived in Crocs outside in the summer at the smallholding, as I was in and out all the time they were brilliant. Just a good scrub every now and again.
Col now wears them as slippers indoors as he couldn't find any comfy slippers that stayed on

Sol said...

Hey Croods, Sorry I dont know your name. They arent slippy at all. They are ugly, but comfortable. Make a small amount of potatoes and see what you think. But if you have wrinkly potatoes then you can make this with them... Nothing should go to waste.

Thift Deluxe, I also dont know your name... I dont think the pumps or the chelsea boots look like the clogs lol the clogs do look odd to some. I have real clogs also, but they mark the wood floors as the soles are very hard wood.

Sol said...

Hi Sue, Crocs do seem to be quite supportive foot wear. And like you said, they are easy to clean. I also have outdoor gardening clogs. I am clog mad! Clogs clogs clogs! lol

Janie Junebug said...

Eric is very intelligent. What a shame that he is afraid. Penelope has been with me a little more than a year. She seems to know at long last that she is home.


Stephanie Faris said...

Well, your dog certainly has an opinion on them! I had a pair once and didn't like them. They feel too big on my feet or something. I'm more of a flip flop person! In the winter, I end up in house shoes, but I have a hard time finding a pair I like.

Vera said...

My husband wears crocs outside on the farm, but the ones without holes! Every six months I have to buy him more socks, though, as his feet tend to slip about in the crocs, eventually making holes in the heels and soles of his socks!

local alien said...

Never smile at a crocodile...another ditty. Love it. We have crocs for around the house and garden. May look ugly but so comfortable and easy clean!

Dani said...

Love my crocs - as you say, easy to slip on and off - especially in summer when, quite frankly, it gets too hot even for crocs. But I've never seen slipper crocs...!!! Slipper croc envy here :D

northsider said...

Hi Sol,

I wore a pair like your's in the first photograph, when I came back from my hiking trip with huge water blisters on the bottom of my feet and heel. You can walk around with no ankle strap touching the skin. I vote 9 out of ten for Crocs!

Sol said...

Awww Janie, I have a sudden passion for rescue dogs. We have said that if Eric is ok with it, we will adopt another dog when we have moved and we are settled so he has a buddy. He loves it when we see other dogs from the village and falls it at the back of the pack and it really smiley after. He looks like he really enjoys it. I am afraid to think what horrors he has been through. Bless him. My little fur baby! Penelope has fallen on her feet with you as well!!!

Hi Stephanie, we have to have get new slippers now. My friends think we are odd, as we have a no shoe policy in the house, (I have knitted slippers for anyone who comes), but we also dont wear slippers on carpet. So many rules for my house!!! Crocs are quite wide, people with dainty feet maybe slide around more?

Vera, I have outside clogs that are hard plastic. I think new socks are better than having to keep cleaning the carpet or floors!

Hooray! Linda that is exactly what we think. One pair for inside, one pair for outside.

Hi Dani, the blue crocs had a wool lining, so comfy in the winter.

Hey Dave, Crocs have their place, for when your feet hurt and puttering around the house in. I wish I had bought replacements when I saw them in Aldi/lidl the other week! Darn it!

Sadie said...

I'm a lone voice with no Croc opinion either way! Neither like nor hate. Never worn them. So I can't voice a thought on them. Poor Eric, horrid to think of him being so scared by previous people. I'm glad he's getting some chicken though, that'll make him happy I'm sure!

We are off out tonight to look at the stupid fireworks. Means I'm missing Strictly, and it's bloomin' cold and windy today. Am I mean to hope it gets rained/blown off? I'm sure it's too windy to be safe. The only plus side is there are lots of food vans in the park, and I'm thinking hot dog and chips!

Hope you have a good time in Ikea. I'm much rather be mooching around Ikea than traipsing into town for fireworks :o/

Sol said...

Hey Sadie, Crocs work well in the house. We will watch strictly from the recording on sky plus.

Ikea went really well. I bought some clothes rail poles for the wardrobes upstairs, a mat for a bathroom, some throws and most importantly some roman blinds to soften the windows upstairs

Gillian Roe said...

Thanks for the recipe for the potatoes parmentier, they sound very good. I think crocs are fine on kids but I'm not a fan. But then I wear the oldest, most battered pair of birkenstocks in the summer as house slippers, which aren't exactly chic, so what do I know?! Wear whatever you like. :-)

Sol said...

Hi Gillian, I will have to look about for a replacement. I havent seen birkenstocks for ages!!!

Frugal in Derbyshire said...

I wear Crocs with holes in the house instead of slippers and without holes outside for fetching stuff from the outhouses, hanging washing etc. LOVE them. They are no fashion statement, but then I'm not too bothered about that!.
Good frozen potato recipe, will give them a go

Sol said...

Hi Gill, I think Crocs have their place. Go for it with the potatoes. They are so easy to use when people come for dinner unexpectedly. A real crowd pleaser