Saturday 19 November 2016

Nearly Time


Harry Flashman said...

Up the Chartists! Or have I got the wrong time period? ;-)

local alien said...

Ahhhh yes the time has come. I have almost finished the book. It is beautifully written. But so many words. I was reading a paragraph yesterday thinking how well it described the situation but where nowadays we would write one word she has used three sentences. it is hard reading only because I am used now to a totally different style.

Raybeard said...

I finished it a week and a half ago, Sol - and read two more books (non-list) since. But then I have more time than most. Waiting for comments to start coming in before offering my own penn'orth.

Btw: I've no idea who that gentleman above is, though I can guess who he might represent. I've never seen any adaptation of 'N & S', which may or may not be an advantage.

Sol said...

Hey Harry you are bang on the time. It was written in 1855.

Hi Linda, it is a challenge for sure, which is why I wanted to blog about it to spur me on! I will be posting tomorrow about it on the 21st!

Hi Ray, The man above is Richard Armitage, he plays Mr Thornton in the TV adaptation of it. Cant wait till tomorrow!!!!