Wednesday 22 June 2016

X Marks the Spot

Take your own pen to mark your ballot.  I am unsure why they supply only pencils in the polling booths.

Never voted before? - For more info go {here} and {here}

As the saying goes, "Your Vote is Your Voice!".


galant said...

How could I NOT vote when women died or, in the very least were imprisoned and forcibly fed, ... it is our duty to respect those, we must always use our mandate.
Margaret P

Sol said...

Hi Margaret, this vote could really change our future. I read one really thought provoking line in a leaflet. All it said was

If this was 1975 and the vote was to join the EU, how would you vote? Knowing what you know now

John Going Gently said...

Its a privilege to vote
We should never forget that

Harry Flashman said...

We vote on electric machines, like computers. I prefer a paper ballot.

Raybeard said...

Hi, Sol.
I first voted in 1966 and have cast my vote in every single election since then - and I do mean EVERY one - general, local government, police commissioner, the two referenda so far, plus today's. Well, to be honest, in all elections bar one - the General Election of 1989 when I lived in (then West) Germany.
I couldn't possibly let it be known how I'm going to vote today, but here's a clue. It's NOT to leave. :-)

Sue in Suffolk said...

People would probably pinch the pens!

Sol said...

John I agree with every word. Women maybe more so than men. If people dont vote, like the advert, they shouldnt whinge after.

Harry, we are old school here. Rooms and rooms of people will be counting these over night. Lets hope it is all OK after.

Ray, it is a priviledge many do not have,it is good to be able to vote and have a say in our own future.

Sue, the pencils were tied down also. lol

Anonymous said...

Sol, I have no idea why you would post this - the pencils in a polling booth are so soft (probably B7 or B8) that if tampering were to take place, it would be easily spotted. Was it a Facebook entry? Take no notice.

Sol said...

Hi Toffeeapple,

Because like Sue said, people like to steal things and I wanted to make sure my vote counted. I now dont think or feel it did. :(