Saturday 25 June 2016


I fancy some flashback music to perk us all up.  I am fed up with the news, the radio and the TV.

Therefore I give you 3 songs from the 1990s. to sway about to and twirl if you like, no one is looking let loose!

These arent my top 3 songs, but they all remind me of something good that happened at the time they were in the charts.  I wonder how many other people have songs, that transport them to the past.

The first song played on a nigh on loop on my first trip to France on a French exchange.  It reminds me of foreign food, foreign boys, art and stately homes - France style.

Have a fab weekend!

Be kind


kymber said...

oh Sol - if i listed off all of the songs that have a special memory to me, we'd be here all day!

but one special memory is when madonna released the "ray of light" album and it was released in the US 3 days before it was released in canada. my best friend joe who lives in washington, got up super early, got the cd, and then drove 8 hours to ottawa to surprise me. it was a beautiful sunny day and we went driving downtown with the windows open and singing like idiots! we played the song "ray of light 5,000 times easily. the funniest part of the memory, tho, was listening to joe sing the chorus. i stopped singing and listened to him and said "what the heck are you saying?". the chorus goes "and i feel like i just got home and i feel...." - zinger coming. joe was singing "and i feel like a disco whore and i feel" - bahahahahahah! i don't think i ever laughed so much in my life!!!!

so there's a memory i'll always treasure and i can't hear the song without singing "and i feel like a disco whore and i feel....". i just can't seem to sing the real lyrics. pretty funny eh?

oh ya - about that money for jambaloney's PTSD treatment?

sending love. your friend,

Sol said...

Sorry Kymber you will have to tell Jam I will pay him in genuine Cotswolds air, its worth more than money over here... Havent you heard, Sterling is worthless...?

Well you can be my disco whore any time you like.

Have you seen the film Coyote Ugly, with the girls dancing on the bar? I know a few people who have recreated that scene once or twice *cough*. Not me OBVIOUSLY *wink*.

Harry Flashman said...

Hang in there Sol. It can't be as bad as the Blitz and you British weathered that.

Sol said...

Hi Harry, people need to pull themselves together. We have lived through worse. I am looking for positives. There are positives.

We need to rally now, we need the Politicians to come together and see the positives also. Once that happens people will stop running around like headless chickens.

Like you said we have been through worse. We were an Island before. We are still and Island.

And my own piece of mind? Its called food storage, incase interest rates rise too fast. I bought some more on saturday.

Like investments, in the short term it is going to hurt. But we live here, we are in it for the long haul. It will turn around at some point. Look at Iceland, they went completely bust, and like a pheonix rose again. It was hard for the people but they did it.

I say we need to look to Iceland, they have some of the answers.

I hope you are well Harry. And I hope your Wife likes my very real version of the Property Brothers! lol