Friday 24 June 2016

Whats been happening?

In door flooding. Thunder and lightning, meant that for a week the work men downed tools.  Bottom right is a paddling pool.  Best buy ever!

A huge wasps nest was found.  Its really well made, absolutely fascinating, all the swirly bits.  Can you see the cells inside?

This is the space where one dormer will go.

The massive skip.  The fence is just over 6 foot tall.

This green carpet was on the walls in the bedroom in the loft.  Yes on the wall.  Floor boards on the floor, carpet tiles on the walls?  And if you touched it, the fibres turned to green dust on your hand. 

Do you call it a loft or an attic?  Is it a loft until it is converted and then is it called an attic room?

This was in the storage in the eaves.  I believe it was an off cut of the carpet that was in the lounge.  It had faded so much in the sun, that it was white in front of the window and the french doors.

This is the insulation that has been put in over the old floor in what will be the master bedroom.  Its wool fibre.  I cant remember the name. 

Looks like an aquarium right?!?  This is the old velux in the front loft, over looking the back garden.  I cant see our of it as I am too short..  The blue is the tarps over the top as the weather isnt getting any better.

Part of the new roof and one of the front dormer openings.

Crawled under and out into the opening.  Left on the picture is the old roof.  Right is the new roof.  You can see the height we are gaining and it will make the useable room larger.

Wonky camera view here.  Horizontal, is the old roof and that is out into the sky. 

More leaks.

Ignore the bobbly ceiling, they are all over this house.  At least until the Plasterer does his job.  The picture is to show the water running from the light fitting.

The kitchen ceiling is falling down also, I dont have a picture of that yet, just imagine the ceiling a cupboard with the consumer unit in it and water pouring down the wall, out the bottom of the cupboard.

All go, here.

The builders will be here this weekend and are working through the rain.  'Apparently'.  I will believe that when I see it.  

These pictures will probably only make sense to Kev and Jam, and people who have built their own house or had this work done.  I can see it all in real life and I cant really see what is happening.

At the moment is like that part in Grand Designs when they play the gloomy music.  Lets hope we get the happy music that it is all finished at some point.  There has to be an end right?  LOL LOL *laughs manically*  *involuntary crazy eye movements*

This weekend, we are off to our old stomping ground, Stroud, where I will buy vegetables with dirt but no chemicals.  Yes, you can buy organic somewhere else, but we are going for lunch with friends.  I will go early to see what is good at the street market, buy some used paperbacks and some honey.

What are you up to?  

P.S.  Why do builders use so much toilet roll?  We are going through a roll and a half a day


kymber said...

Sol - happy Belated Sostice!

on to other topics - you have just given my poor jambaloney PTSD from the pics in this post! i don't know how it works over there in England - but over here - you should be paying for his medical costs!!! (bahahahahhah! no seriously - i showed him the pics and he was just all NO!OMG!NO!)

and just curious about your position on the Brexit vote??? or if that is an unacceptable topic, i will completely understand. but it is having a huuuuge impact on a variety of countries, including ours and i would love to hear your opinion.

sending much can send much money for poor jambaloney's treatments! your friend,

Elaine said...

Topsy-turvy days, but you will get there. Talk about major work! How fantastic is that room going to be though, what a space. I'll look forward to seeing the finished photos in due course.

Wasps nests are brilliant bits of engineering and construction - not so great hanging in your house or gardens, though!

Best of luck with all the ongoing work and decision making.

Elaine said...

p.s. We've just gone one step back and had to get the plasterer back, to cut some chunks out of the newly insulated and plastered walls (2 of them) in the freshly decorated living room.

There were some damp patches which appeared and wouldn't dry out. It seems there was a teeny-tiny 'bridge' of glue which had squeezed out the joints between the Kingspan. I must play the glad game and be happy that I have enough time between now and when the carpet fitter comes to get the walls redecorated. They will be home in just over two weeks!

Sol said...

Ohhh Felicity you must be really excited that they will be here soon! what a pain about the damp. The ceiling in the bathroom is now cracked quite badly, but it will be sorted at the end I am sure. You cant get to stressed out about all of it, else I will make myself ill. I just go around with the vacuum and do the best I can, when I get home from work at night. Then once clean I can make dinner.

Are you pleased with the new insulation? We ae having the foam boards in the roof area... I am hoping it will keep us toasty in the winter

Elaine said...

As the plasterer said, they should be able heat the house with only a candle, the amount of insulation there is in that house now - hopefully it will be the same with your house, too.

I hope you had a great lunch and bought your vegetables, honey and books. Relax when you can. You WILL get through it, especially if you keep your wonderful sense of humour going.

Sol said...

Thanks, I bought veg and honey. No books I wanted.

Good to know about the insulation

Patricia (La Chatte Gitane) said...

Gosh ! That seems like a rebuild and a half.
Are you living in the house while all this is going on ?
In any case it'll all be worth it in the end. Thumbs up. xxx...x

Sol said...

Hi Patricia, ha ha... I feel that we are complete lunatics right now to have started this. We just have to keep going!