Monday 27 June 2016

I Will Huff and Puff and Blow Your House Down

It show the new head height.  Our super duper heating system.  Picture to the North

Picture to the south where the old roof is still there.  You can see where the tiles are coming off already.  There will be another dormer that end.

Neighbour to the North .

Lets hope there is no more rain.   

P.S part of the bathroom ceiling has fallen down and it smashed part of the bath  Ho hum... They said they will replace it and fix the ceiling.

Some {Grand Designs music with a twist}.  You have got to laugh.  I love it, "your house looks like a TESCOOOOs"  LMAO  Dodgy sound but I love it!!!

Have a good day everyone!


northsider said...

That amazing heating system looks it's from a space ship. I am sure all the upset will be worthwhile in the end Sol.

Sol said...

Hi Dave, it is a non vented tank with a solar power inlet. I am pleased you spotted it. When I showed it to my family my Father was the only person interested in it! Hope all is well in Ireland!!!

Sue said...

That's a huge juo underway. Love the complicated looking heating system, it's on a par with our solar installation and all it's gubbins but that is out in our workshop in it's own little room.

Sol said...

Hey Sue, This will be like a mini boiler room type area. All of the electrical stuff will be in there to control the solar panels. The electricity will heat the element in the tank and make it so we dont burn oil to heat water. Or that is the plan anyways.