Tuesday 21 June 2016

Happy Solstice Everyone

Hello everyone, how are you?

I hope you all had a lovely Solstice.

Life carries on here.  The building work has started and we have gone mad and done a few things that really should have waited, but we are all OK.  Exhausted.  Work hussles on.

I will post some pictures of the progress another day, as they have been taken on a phone.

With the longest day now behind us, we will be pushing like crazy for as much to be done as possible. 

The builders had to down tools for a week, what with the scaffolding and the rain, thunder and lightning.  We had some flooding.  We have some ceilings that need repair and replastering, but really I am just happy for them to get on with it and for the house to be water tight before August.  They said nine weeks, with the lost week that makes 10 weeks.  Lets see how well they do, shall we?

Be happy everyone.

Be kind.

Sol xxx


Janie Junebug said...

Best wishes for blissful building.


Jennifer said...

I've never seen a white hibiscus! How pretty!

Chickpea said...

Happy belated Solstice. I'm looking forward to seeing the photos!

Sol said...

Hi Janie, I hope you are well. Thank you for your wishes, I hope it is all good and you all gasp with delight when it is done. LOL I think it is a really long way off, I am no interior designer! lol

Hi Jennifer, welcome to my blog! Thank you for leaving a comment. The white hibiscus was in Greece a few years ago when we went sailing I saw it. I dont understand Greek and the lady didnt speak English, so when I was saying it was pretty she was pointing at her cat! lol

Hi Chickpea, Happy Solstice. I bet it was beautiful in Cornwall. I will be getting my beach groove on next month when we visit family!