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Thursday, 13 November 2014

To the Time Machine...

On my wanders in London (as with most of my life), I tend to be looking up a lot of the time.  

Whilst hustling along to get to the Sherlock Holmes Museum, I happened on this...  How cool is that?

 It was also on Baker Street. 

All those fabulous books by {H G Wells} ... my favourite?  The Time Machine, of course.  When I read The invisible Man and the War of the Worlds (my Father had the latter on record, I can see the cover in my head right now), they both scared the heck out of me


Raybeard said...

Didn't know - or, more likely, had forgotten - that Herbert George W. lived in these environs.
I was entranced by the story of 'The Time Machine' early in my life too - and it still holds deep admiration and awe with me. Only discovered later that it was his very first success and written when he was just in his early 20s.
(The 1960 film remains one of my very favourites, striking a chord which the inept 2002 re-make - by Wells' own great-grandson, no less - singularly failed to do.)

Tom Stephenson said...

I was brought up a couple of miles away from where the aliens landed in War of the Worlds - Chobham Common. We called them Martians in those days.

Sol said...

Ray I saw the plaque by chance. And I didnt know it was his Great Grandson that had made the remake.

Tom, that would have been cool to have lived there. Martians! I wonder if there is a cafe or small museum there that is a reminder of this? I will google that later.

northsider dave said...

Hi Sol. I remember the Jeff Wayne 'War of the worlds' album. It's on You Tube.

Sol said...

Hi ya Dave. I think I might look at that on you tube. probably in the middle of the day with all the lights on! lol

OMG can you remember the tv programme with the Triffids. Holy heck they were scary

susie said...

Last night on Big Bang there was a rerun about a time machine. It was hilarious. I know you're a fan, have you seen that one? :-) :-)

Sol said...

Hey Susie! *squeal* I do love big bang! I have seen that episode. Been missing your blog I cant wait for you to get back to it in the new year.

I myself have been thinking of a 3 day week on the blog. we will see. I struggle for stuff to say.