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Friday, 14 November 2014

Its Friday!


Its nearly the weekend so that must mean house hunting for us.  More winding back roads... deep joy.

Hope you are all going to have a great weekend.

Saw {this} on Molly Printemps Blog, Carol posted it and it made me a little leaky of the eyes.  Go see.


northsider dave said...

Are you looking for a smallholding Sol? Where about are you looking? Sorry for being nosey. I am just interested.

Sol said...

Hi Dave, not really a small holding just somewhere with space. We are out bid time and again by horse type people or by people who are leaving London so they have a lot more money than us.

We would have loved to have moved to Oxfordshire, but we have been priced out of the area. So we are going to stay in Gloucestershire. we have to jump in the car as soon as we see it.

a house with an acre would be good. Although I cant even see that at the moment. maybe it is the wrong time right now. What will be will be.

northsider dave said...

Hi Sol I use to love Symonds Yat and Hay on Wye and Herefordshire and Shropshire, Somerset, Devon and Cornwall..., all the West Country when I lived in England. The Welsh Marches and Wales use to be a good place for cheaper rural property. There are some incredible bargains in Ireland and Europe. Good luck!

Sol said...

Hi Dave we will find something. Everything is so expensive and I dont want to be 50 before I can afford where we want to live. So we will probably end up with a house and then a piece of land that is separate. Houses with land are more that £550k and every time the prices go up the gap widens. We will find somewhere and make it work

nick said...

I hope the interminable house-hunting yields something suitable soon! It's a thankless task when property prices in England seem to going crazy yet again.

That's an amazing building. What the hell is it?

Caroline said...

Maybe this weekend'll be the one you find something perfect - I'll keep my fingers crossed! Totally agree about winding back roads - by the time we moved out of the countryside in January, I was so over single lane winding roads - it's one of things that makes me happiest about living where we do - no muddy lanes with death defying drivers to negotiate every time I leave the house!

Sol said...

Hey Nick, that is the Castle from Merlin the TV series it is in France. We went there on a crazy bank holiday weekend on the Chunnel.

Hi Caroline, having lived down there as a kid and then moving from sticks to the town I completely agree. But where we live now is sooooo crowded. the Mr is getting his wish and we are leaving the area for some space to breathe. The tracking is so bad on the car from the pot holes that you cant miss the near side tire had worn badly from the tracking so I have just spent 2 hours waiting to get that and new tires done. ho hum.

Gillian said...

That castle is amazing! I was going to ask where it was. Good luck with the house hunting this weekend. x

Sol said...

Hey Gillian! the castle is in Pierrefonds here is the link to the blog post I did about it.

check out the dragons!