Tuesday 18 November 2014

Giant Leap... I mean Tree

One Giant Leap Tree

The tree is at {Drumlanrig Castle}, in Scotland.

For once I spotted something when I was looking down!  lol


Anonymous said...

you would probably be sick if you came to visit me here. They're chopping down all the trees left and right. Mostly because of power lines. Can't they just bury the power lines? Have a nice day.

northsider said...

One giant leap - for a squirrel? Have you read or seen the conspiracy theories that man never actually landed on the moon, Sol? You Tube beckons again.

Raybeard said...

No wonder it stretches so high - beyond the atmosphere, for all I know.

Btw: I've got last Friday's Desert Island Discs playing right now on another line and, must say, it's quite compelling.

Sol said...

Hey Susie! I dont mind trees being chopped down if the endanger people or buildings. Hope you are keeping warm.

Dave, Dave, Dave, Dave, OMG I fight with the MR over this all the time. Seriously, I really feel if man had walked on the moon all that time ago that by now the US or China would have been mining the moon. Im a proper Geek and I am following all the resent events and MarsOne. ETC Ive done a few posts about it all but I try not to inflict my Space and Mars fascination on others too much. I completely expect flack for this comment.

Hey Ray, he is fab isnt he. Who would have thought I would find something Neil Armstrong had planted in Scotland!?

Molly Printemps said...

You always seem to see really interesting things on your travels Sol. I did wonder about the moon landing thing for a while but if you think about it, there were thousands of people working at NASA at the time. Do you think they could all have kept it secret for all these years if it had been a scam?


Sol said...

Hi ya Carol. Ive seen programmes on how it is true they make sense but in my head, why didnt they go back or colonise it or try to mine... Capitalists would have been pushing for that. I just cant get my head around that part.