Friday 7 November 2014

Imperial War Museum #1

Ive been to the big smoke this week.

There wont be a lot of words to this just pictures.  Ive always meant to go to the Imperial War Museum, but have never had the time previously.  

The building is beautiful isnt it.  You can read about it all {HERE}.

This will have to be a small series.   External memories.

(the people in most of the pictures will give scale)



John Going Gently said...

The war museum is the site of the the original Bedlam
Psychiatric hospital!

Sol said...

Hi ya John and opposite in the house that Captain Blythe of The Bounty.

All of London was bedlam! People are rushing all over since the clocks went back.

Tom Stephenson said...

I loved the Imp War museum so much when a kid, that I think it was the first place I ever travelled to on my own. I own a WW2 Mills Grenade, you know...

northsider said...

I was going to mention Bedlam. Went to the Imperial War Museum many years a go. The second world war detonated bombs were incredibly big.

I think the gun outside was called 'Big Bertha'? She use to fire across the channel to the first world war trenches in northern France. It's an excellent day out, Sol.

Sol said...

Hey Dave it was heaving with people, so in end I had to resort to taking a picture of the board and then read it on my camera.

It was a great day out and free.

Sol said...

Hi Tom. I have seen it on your blog.