Wednesday 12 November 2014


221b Baker Street, London.


Apparently when the book was written the highest numbered building was number 85.  Below is number 85.  (I thought that was interesting)

I love these tiles in the Tube station.  to give you scale there is a bench in the picture below.

Another bit of trivia, when the museum opened they had a bit of argy bargy with the Abbey Bank down the road as to who got the post for Sherlock Holmes.  The bank actually employed someone to reply to all the letters where people didnt realise that Sherlock wasnt a real person.  The letter now go to the museum.


northsider said...

Hi Sol. Basil Rathbone is my hero and favourite Sherlock Holmes.

Sol said...

Hey Dave, there is nothing better on a dank dark raining saturday afternoon than watching a Sherlock film. oh and now I want hot chocolate

Tom Stephenson said...

I love all this nonsense, and I'm still looking for Basil's hat!

Sol said...

Hi Tom, there were lots of people lining up to have their pictures taken with all different hats and the police man. They took forever, digital is a blessing and a curse. At least with film you didnt want to waste it. Now they take hundreds of pictures but still compose them like they can only take one picture. I am more a click the button and rush to the next thing.

Raybeard said...

I bought a second-hand 'Complete Sherlock Holmes' at a charity stall in the Summer, and I've started on a quest to read the entire lot in dribs and drabs (though it's a shame that the printing is so small).
Already (re)read, amongst others, 'A Study in Scarlet', last encountered when I was a teenager half a century ago. Not quite an easy a read as I recall it being.

I used to work as accountant for a management magazine just off Baker Street at the end of 1991 - for a mere two months before it went bankrupt. Your photos of the underground station tapped at a few memories.

I agree with Dave above that Basil Rathbone was the best Holmes (along with Nigel Bruce, the best Dr Watson), even though Rathbone got to loathe being typecast in that particular role. Maybe it's a generational thing but I think the films still stand up well all these years later. I always smile when Holmes seems to say at some point in every single film - "Come on, Watson. We haven't a moment to lose!"

Sol said...

Hey Ray, how cool you found a complete set. its a shame when the print is so fine, I am vain and try not to wear my glasses. I pretend to myself that they make my eye sight worse it I wear them all the time. what about a magnifying glass? I would love one of those ones that goes around your neck for when I am making beaded jewellery for myself.

Raybeard said...

Sol, I am also vain about my looks (can you believe it? And at MY age!) and so never wear specs out of doors, when it's contacts for me. When at home as I'm alone I need to wear glasses to watch TV, but reading (and computer) is fine without anything at all - though, now you come to mention it, I do have a magnifying glass for reading fine details on maps so that would do should I need it - but I don't, yet.

Sol said...

Ray Ive added one of those around the neck magnifiers now. LOL I am hard to buy any presents for as no one ever knows what to get me. here is my list

polarising lens for my camera
garden rain gauge
around the neck magnifier

not much really. I have told my Brother about the rain gauge so hopefully he will buy that for my next birthday. We dont buy presents for anyone over 21 in our family. so I will wait till next year.

Raybeard said...

Do remind me of your little list when I win the Lottery. (The day WILL come!)

Sol said...

I will Ray I will! lol all my lot have an agreement no present on the list should be more than £15. I think the polarising filter for my camera is £25 maybe more but 3 of them could club in. I would rather have one gift from all of them.