Tuesday 30 September 2014

dont let the sun...

View from next to the holiday home in France last week

Day 2 of being a house wife.  Hmmm  do not know what to do with myself. 
Once the house is clean, what the heck am I supposed to do?  Answers on a post card please...
I looked at puppies to buy for an hour.  I saw an adorable Chug on the ferry home.  then I had a look at border terriers.  Emailed my friend about my new dog crush, she came right back and put me straight.  No dog for me.  *le sigh*
So I made pinto bean chilli instead, from Hugh Fernley-whittingstalls cook book Veg.  It lacked something.  If I make it again I will add smoked paprika.  If you have the book it is page 23.  I dont think the recipe is quite right....  
Do you have any recipes that are you go to...?  



Tom Stephenson said...

How come you have left it so late to be a housewife? Maybe I have missed a previous post which explains.

Anyway, there is no rule that says you have to be one. You don't live in Stepford.


Take one bored housewife and leave to soak in the setting sun until all the housewifery has been washed away.

Add a little meaning and serve immediately. Sufficient for any number of passing guests.

Sol said...

Tom you are funny. My job was a contract. It was coming to an end. To focus on my next few assignments for my course we decided I should have some time off. Studying does not come naturally to me.

I have applied for 8 jobs today. I am so bored already. and because I don't want to spend money I now feel trapped in the house.

love your recipe by the way

nick said...

We have that cook book somewhere. I'll add a note that the pinto bean chilli might need some paprika!

I like the idea of having a cat but the reality of constantly attending to it, taking it to the vet, clearing up vomit and cat hairs, and having my leg persistently nuzzled when I'm busy, puts me right off. It would all be too much.

What to do with yourself? Write some short stories? Learn a language? Read books? Chat up the neighbours?

Raybeard said...

Ditch the friend. Get the dog. Easy.

Sol said...

Hey Nick, in meat chilli I also put a touch of cinnamon in. I will cook it again the way I would normally cook chilli and see what happens just with out the meat. pinto beans are growing on me. Falafel for dinner.

Cats are lovely but I would be scared they would be knocked down on the road.

going for a wander into town. window shopping only.

Ray! LOL you make me smile. It would be unfair once I get a new job to leave the pet alone for up to 10 hours.

Anonymous said...

Take a bike ride! I know you like that.

A class? Volunteer? Surf blogs? Temp job...you are doing that.

Dirt Cake: Crushed Oreos on bottom, mix vanilla pudding, cream cheese, and cool whip and plop on top. More oreos on tippy top.

Gummy worms as a garnish.

Always a hit.

Sol said...

Hey Susie. I might just do that today, a bike ride up and around the parks.

Your dirt cake sounds really good. I bet my nephew would love that.