Monday 29 September 2014

Back home

1 John 4:8
He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.
ha ha My first real day as a house wife, after coming back from our holiday in Brittany.  In my jim jams vacuuming the heck out of the new carpet in the new down stairs study, that has doors going out to the garden.  Dirt all over where people have been tracking it in when viewing the house.  Sweating from using a broom on it to lift it.  and then using the Dyson vacuum on max! 
Door bell rings.  I think it is going to be Jane, (my neighbour, she is lovely, but since she has found out I have given up work for a while, she wants to have coffee or tea in the mornings.  Think {Elizabeth} and {Hyacinth Bucket}  click on the names those youtubes make me chuckle.). I tried to ignore the door.  then the knocking started.  *le sigh*, I answered the door, hair looking like I have been electrocuted, curly and standing on end.  no make up. 
And who is standing there?
The Mormon missionaries.  Yep
And not just any missionaries. 
Oh No!
Ones that look like models for GQ. 
They are always so polite.  They looked embarrassed, I tried to smooth my hair.  I told them I was doing house work, they turned and left.  With lots of smiles, I must have looked a fright, half Side Show Bob and half Selma from the Simpsons.  Minus the blue colour to my hair, obviously. 
I officially give up already...
Need to go back to fly lady basics.  Dress to your shoes.  Rookie mistake.  Rookie mistake.
(Small explanation - The builders buying our house have had the sale of another house fall through, so we are back on the market.  In a way it is a relief.  As we haven't found a new house yet.)
How is your day going?


Molly Printemps said...

Hi Sol. So funny about the handsome Bible bashers and Hyacinth Bouquet. Doors out to the garden sounds lovely.

I get what the Flylady is saying about dressing and shoes but heels would be just SO uncomfortable in the house all the time. However, I do not venture out of the house without make up. Not sure if I would even answer the door without it - lol! I might frighten the Bible bashers.

Hope you will be happy in your new house.


Sol said...

Hi Carol, I don't mind the Mormon Missionaries, they are always really polite. I have very close friends who are Mormons. when the missionaries turn up at my door I treat them the same way I would wish everyone to treat my friends kids. I give them biscuits and wave them on. if I was going to convert I think I would of by now.

I don't leave the house without make up. My mum doesn't even answer the phone with out lipstick and mascara on! lol that was funny when we were kids, but now with Skype it all becomes clear.

Our new home is going to be a trial to find as we have never bought a house to stay in. Only ever an investment to do up and sell for profit.

To buy a house that we think we would like to retire into... well that is a whole other kettle of fish. We will get there.

Hope your having a good day!

Anonymous said...

All that clean living makes them look good!

They never come here. They know.


Sol said...

hey Susie, I think the Jehovah Witnesses have put a black mark next to our house number. They send the children to the door and it must be horrid for the little kids who could be knocking on their school friends houses. I know they do it as an opening that people wont be nasty to children but they knock the doors here all the time.

so one day when they badgered me to take their book, I think it is called the light house or something like that. I said I will take your book, if you take my book of Mormon. they never came back! pwah ha ha

nick said...

I had an elderly couple at the door the other day explaining that they were doing a "door to door ministry". I told them I had no religious convictions whatever and they shot off in a hurry. They didn't even try to interest me in their church, whichever it was. I like your tactic of offering the book of Mormon in exchange!

Harry Flashman said...

Sol, you should have offered to convert in exchange for 10 years worth of canned goods!

of course, religious scruples weigh lightly on my shoulders.......

Sol said...

Hi ya Nick. I think they said they wanted to share a message with me or something. Just back from holiday. I don't have any biscuits in but I normally give them a packet and wave them on their way.

Harry, talking about religion in this house is worse than talking about politics.