Sunday 14 September 2014

500 miles...

Hey there.  Echo, echo, echo...

gosh lots happening at the moment some good some bad, in the news and general life.

We are still looking for a house, with houses going up quite a bit price wise this year, we will have to stay in Gloucestershire and not move to Oxfordshire.  Still in the Cotswolds with its lovely buttery coloured stone, so it is still all good.

I wanted to mention Scotland.  Am I the only person who is a little worried?  I love Scotland, it is a good things seeing as I have to visit the Outlaws.  So many things have not been nailed down and researched or made concrete before this vote.  What will be will be.  But it does seem like jumping into completely black water and not being able to see the bottom for either side. 

One person did say something at work that struck a chord with me (is that the right chord? or cord?).  the person at work is Scottish and lives in England so cant vote.  Firstly he said, that the people of England should be allowed to vote if we still want a Union with anyone.  But, will he need a new Scottish passport to stay in England.  Never thought about that... not at all.  All questions...

So what have you been up to?



Anonymous said...

I was in Scotland for about 10 minutes. Maybe a little longer, but I thought it was gorgeous

Chord. I do know that.

Sol said...

Hi Susie. Scotland is very beautiful. When you get out of the cities, every other bend in the road takes my breath away with a view to die for.

Chord. Cool so I was right! lol

Harry Flashman said...

Glad to see you still live! I was beginning to think house hunting fever had done you in.

I got to Scotland on the U.S.S. Manitowac and the R.N. hauled us all over. It's a beautiful place. I don't know much about the political situation, but I know what would happen here if the Southern states could vote to leave the Union. We tried that in 1862 but it didn't work out . Maybe next time!

Raybeard said...

Only been to Scotland twice, and both times were for the Edinburgh Festival, the most recent time being as long ago as 1981. But would LOVE to do a leisurely tour of the highlands, lowlands and islands. It looks totally amazing - and so serene too. Can imagine it's an easy place where one can become 'one' with Nature, which you seem to confirm. (And, oh that cute accent sends thrilling shivers through me!)

I'm pretty philosophical about Thursday's vote. Aside from the economic arguments which few seem qualified to be certain about, the prospect of an independent Scotland excites more than alarms me, though at the same time I wouldn't like to lose the country's easy access. If I'd had a vote I think I'd marginally vote 'Yes'.
I think the concerns about passports is overplayed. In Europe for some decades now passport checks between European mainland countries, certainly in Western Europe, are practically non-existent, with few problems. I don't see why it shouldn't also continue to be like that over here.
Whatever the referendum result I think there's going to be one hell of a punch-up afterwards.
It's certainly a most interesting time we're living through.

Molly Printemps said...

Hi Sol. You are so lucky to live in the Cotswolds. We have visited parts of it over the last couple of years and every time we go, my husband says "let's sell up and move here".

I am Scottish, living in Yorkshire. I agree with you that things haven't been thought through enough. I think Alex Salmond will poop his pants if it is a YES vote and the money from Westminster suddenly stops.

Hope you find a house soon, Sol.
Best wishes from Carol

Sol said...

Hey Harry. The house situation is making me crazy. I wanted to move to Oxfordshire. But the houses have gone up between £30k to £60k since we started looking last year. We have constantly been out bid by people wanting the houses and lands we look at for horses. They are probably slightly older than us and have more money. Gloucestershire is also very pretty but we wanted to move closer to London.

Ray, I am actually quite worried about it all. This is really going to damage both sides financially, Yes or No vote. Other countries will think we aren't stable.

Hi ya Carol. So what will happen to Alex Salmond after... his party is the Scottish National party. if they split, there is no need for that party. What will he do? Become Labour?

Yorkshire is also lovely. such views. I do love the colour of the stone used for buildings here. I love that most places make sure that the houses all look uniform and not ones of red brick in the middle. Bath truly has my heart though. Gosh that place is divine.

Thanks for all the well wishes. We will find a new home, we are just always a day too late to make an offer or we are gazumped.

We have started to look for a house without land (but with a small garden) and then we will try and find land as close as we can. not ideal but that is how life is. curve ball

Anonymous said...

I was in Argyll when the voting took place. Had it gone the other way, I would have been very pleased to have to stay there...

Sol said...

Hi ya Toffeeapple. I have never been to Argyll. Maybe that could be another place for us to visit.

Well now the vote is No. We will have to deal with the UKIP. this is also worrying. I think I am risk adverse right now.