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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Never too old.

Roscoff Car Park, Brittany, France

Didn't have my SLR with me.  Point and shoots are a pain aren't they?  It messes about focusing and then either miss the moment or it is a blur...

Anyways, the 2 people on the scooters are a couple in their 70's, if not late 70's.  Out for a baguette on scooters.

C'est la vie.

Cooking cauliflower and chickpea curry tonight... page 27 of Hugh Fernley-whittingstalls Veg cook book.  If this doesn't turn out then I wont be using the book again.

What are you up to or cooking for your dinner?


Raybeard said...

I've got half an M & S (cheese + tom) quiche in the oven - I'm frying me some chips - plus boiling me some broc. How's that for cooking skills? Impressive or what?

Sol said...

Hey Ray! This recipe was awful again. Tasted mostly like tomatoes. Seriously I measured and did everything right. I give up.

Found some recipes from Simon Rimmer for more veggie dishes.

Molly Printemps said...

Hi Sol. Love the older people on their scooters. Very cool. Hugh Fernley-Whatsit seems to be a disappointment. I won't be buying his book.


Sol said...

Hey Carol. They were moving really fast on those scooters. The recipes don't seem to work.

susie said...

Breakfast for dinner. French toast and sausage.

Sol said...

Oh Susie! French Toast! Yum. Sausage maybe not.