Tuesday 7 October 2014

A Use For That Book

This is what studying looks like in my house.  Notice the small red and white triangle in the middle of the picture at the bottom?

The only real difference is under the table.  Yes, the HFW book is relegated to being part of my foot stool.  My feet really do dangle that far off the ground when I sit at the table.  That pile of books is 6 inches high if you were wondering.

What are you up to today?


Anonymous said...

Your notebooks look impressively organized!

northsider said...

I think I would rather be reading the River Cottage book about vegetables rather than studying.

Sol said...

Susie, I may be left handed but I need everything just so. Having let myself get into chaos when I was younger it is now a learnt behaviour rather than natural. I have to constantly keep in check and I have a real hard copy diary/Filofax. I am too scared I would accidentally delete something on a personal organiser or phone.

Hi ya Dave, I need to study I need to change my career. its a case of Evolve or Die, Dodo. Lots of things are becoming automated and less and less people are needed for admin or secretarial things now. many managers don't want assistants any more so I need to change what I am doing.

nick said...

Regular re-training to allow for rapidly changing jobs is a good idea. Luckily I'm still managing to trade on my assorted admin skills and at my age re-training is probably redundant but who knows what the future will require?

And I know what you mean about wanting information in writing as well as on a phone that might suddenly pack up. Or as you say something's accidentally deleted.

Sol said...

I was talking to a tutor and they said that they think the trend in the future will be that people will need to change career every 10-12 years if not sooner as technology will change so quickly.

it will make a lot of people uncomfortable, especially if they are lazy (I have worked with lots of people that are so blah and say stuff like "I am waiting out until my retirement here..."

I cant stand that. Thinking of it the other way, if people are like that. it means more job opportunities for me.