Thursday 2 October 2014

bored housewife

Lunch yesterday. 

Found these suckers at the bottom of the freezer.  I will finish the bag of them.  They are vegetarian sausage rolls (meat substitute).  Tasted of nothing, I should have dipped them in chilli sauce.  Sorry I don't know the name of the make as I only ripped the cooking instructions of to make room in the freezer...

I am now obsessed with food as well as my vacuum stick.  I feel I am expanding my horizons.

Who says I am not balanced?  lol

Went for a bike ride.  Susie was right it blew the cob webs away, (nearly got clipped when a van drifted into the bike lane when he was texting. all adds to the excitement).  Whilst out, I found a new bakery.  Will take my camera, next time.  The lads that have opened it are super passionate.  I will buy some focaccia, to have with dinner on friday.  Sad I have already planned dinner right up to Saturday. 

Lunch with the SIL and BIL on Sunday.  I will make a cake to take and a vegetarian dish, so I know there is something we will eat.  Their cooking is *gesticulates so so with hand*, hit and miss.  They make creations, is the best explanation and they end up only part cooking chicken a lot of the time. I always take dessert along.  I am feeling strudel this week.  Plus I have lots of apples in the garden.

Are you eating from your garden? 


Molly Printemps said...

Sol, you are funny! Don't you fancy starting on some painting and decorating, or is this house just temporary?


Sol said...

We aren't moving just yet. this house is finished. We will keep looking for a new house.

nick said...

Ha, we have nothing to eat in our garden, unless you fancy a weed salad! Apple strudel is great, I haven't had it for ages.

Jenny has a passion for chili sauce at the moment, she pours it on virtually everything. It's too much for me though, I prefer subtler seasoning.

Raybeard said...

Now why haven't I seen, or even heard of, veggie sausage rolls before? Don't think I'd find them tasteless. Sounds well worth a try.

Sol said...

Hi ya Nick, I like really spicy food. so these are seriously bland to me. We have a sweetish chilli sauce at the moment I think it is called Lindhams or Linghams. Have you ever been to a Giraffe resto/café? they do a killer Veggie breakfast. And give extra avocado to mash up for your sour dough toast. It is a real brunch you wont want any lunch that is for sure. I have put some in the little Tupperware box I keep in my bag. There is that much!

Ray I think they must be these quorn ones as it has orange on the cooking instructions. Although I don't recommend them. I also didn't like the quorn pasties. I used to cook 10 on a sunday night and then have 2 a day with my salad for lunch when at work. I find the party foods really good for lunches.

Molly Printemps said... it wrong. For some reason I thought you had already moved house.


nick said...

There's a Giraffe in South Belfast but we've never tried their veggie breakfast. Must bear that in mind.

Jenny says she gave the Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall cook book to the charity shop as she had tried several recipes and found them all disappointing.

Anonymous said...

uh, what garden??


Raybeard said...

I'll look out for these saussie rolls, then, 'cos I do like Quorn sausages a LOT - and for me they most def aren't tasteless!

Sol said...

Hey Carol. No the builders have pulled out so we aren't being pushed to move now. Good Job as we haven't found any where yet. All will come together I am sure.

Nick I am now also thinking that the recipes in that book are no good. I will try 2 more and then I will either use it as a door stop or for under my feet at the dinner table as my feet don't reach the floor! lol

Susie! I have seen your garden with the chair and the snow. Not even herbs?

Ray go for it. Look on their website they may have coupons to print

Raybeard said...

Don't have a working printer or scanner, Sol. Poor me! But thanks for tip. :-(

Sol said...

print them at the library