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Monday, 30 December 2013

Water, Water, Everywhere

Remember the above and below picture of people canoeing.  You can see the weir steps at Pultney Bridge.

Green water but quite low. 
 On the right where the trees are, see the concrete and the step and the retaining wall all around the trees, remember that and then look at the next picture...
Now you see it...

Now you don't!
And the weir on Christmas Eve 2013, following gale force winds and rain.   Guessing I would say that is at least 5 feet higher.  And the noise!  it was booming as it was rushing by
I forget how strong nature is.
I hope all the people who were flooded out of their homes or had no electricity for 4 days are able to have a Christmas day again this coming weekend. 


Raybeard said...

And from what I hear it's only just started!

Sol said...

omg Ray! No more please! It is hammering down on the stove pipe outside. when it is hail, it is gun fire

Raybeard said...

Better pracice swimming in wellies!

Tom Stephenson said...

My bedroom is about 200 feet away and - more importantly - 60 feet UP from that weir. The insurance company asked me if I was within 50 metres of water, and I answered 'yes'. Then I added that if I was to get flooded, then so would the whole of Somerset, apart from the Mendip Hills and Glastonbury Tor.

Gillian said...

What fantastic, dramatic photos. That water is so churned up and brown, it looks so different. We were out and about in the stormy weather and it was sand bags and overflowing drains everywhere you looked. x

Sol said...

Hey Gillian. Sounds like you had a nice Christmas, apart from the weather.

The river was receding at this point. I cant even think how high it was in the night.

Weirdly other than when the school roof came of in the 80's I don't remember weather like this.