Monday 30 December 2013

Grand Parade, Bath - Balcony Box Hedges

These (I think fake) box hedges really spruce this balcony up.
Grand Parade, Bath.  Turn your back on the river and look up.

Now I just have to find out where to buy them from...
P.s. I still love the colour of the stone in Bath.


Tom Stephenson said...

Oh, THOSE hedges. I never noticed them, mainly because The Empire is such an ugly building, that I try not to look at it at all. Difficult, seeing how bigs it is.

The whole place was built out of spite for the Council, which is overshadowed by the Empire Hotel. The late Victorian Council were just as stupid as all the others, which is how they passed the plan for this monstrosity, entered under a false name.

I wish the Admiralty would move back in.

Sol said...

OH says it reminds him of the building in Ghostbusters with the gargoyles that come to life.

I have been tasked with finding those hedges. But on a quick search they are at least £200 each and then you need to buy the trough to put them in. I don't think he will be having those

Anonymous said...

They look like astro turf.

Sol said...

its plastic box hedging.