Sunday 15 March 2020

The Lorax would hate me

At present, everyday I am pulling at least one soup plate like this of sycamore seedlings.  They are everywhere.  I have had to use tweezers to get them out of the down pipe and drain on the porch.

The neighbours have just come home with a huge chicken run.  This has raised it even more if we should get hens.  I am still in two minds we still have so many other things to do.  Then I swing the other way and think could they help in the garden scratching about and getting rid of the millions of slugs all over and the grubs, weevils that have killed all of my lavender plants.  I have no idea what they are, but I would think chickens would eat every single one of the little sods.

If we were to get some chickens, my veg raised beds would need to be somewhere else.  You see, I cant make my mind up what to do.  More fire wood to move and stack.  

Here is a picture of the density of the moss.  I think we will take everyones advice and just mow the lawn and not try to get rid of it as it will just leave the whole garden bare.  You could comb it.  At the very top of the picture you can just about see the tiers on the garden.  there are 2.  I am thinking of trying to plant them as they are nigh on vertical and extremely hard to mow.

Nothing else to report.  Same as everywhere else with the Covid 19.  No toilet paper, no paracetamol, no canned tomatoes and no pasta on the shelves.  Due to the type of working contracts we take, I always have enough in to see us through as we never know when a contract could end suddenly and we need to eat from the stores.

I am going to take this opportunity of staying home more, to change some things in the house to make them more efficient.  Silly little things that I have not got around to doing since moving in.  For instance taking the shelves out of a cupboard so I can store the vacuum cleaner etc rather than it keep falling all over the place in the utility room.  Something small, but it will make a big difference to every day.

I have just read that the government is going to push that all people over 70 self isolate for up to 4 months!  Honest, all the older people I have spoken to, seem to think they are invincible and nothing will touch them.  "Oh I have lived through the war!".  And like I pointed out, "well you didnt at 80 plus and not with heart failure and breathing problems!".  I am just really quite worried and stressed about it all to tell the truth.  My cousin is going to go ahead and get married but do it by webcam.  Have a party later.  the hotel have cancelled with them as the evening do was for 600 in London. It is going to affect everyone.  

Be safe everyone, stress and the not knowing what is going to happen, can and will make people do things you dont expect.  Stay home as much as possible. 

Be well my friends.


gz said...

Have you thought of runner ducks instead of hens? I have heard that they trample and destroy less than other ducks or chooks.
We are lucky we can be out in the garden or out on our bikes around the local lanes, far better and healthier than being cooped up indoors. At 67 this year and himself coming up to 81 we have to be sensible. We just need some pleasant weather!!

northsider said...

What about AstroTurf lawns Sol? Great to see you blogging.

Raybeard said...

You stay in health too, Sol. Thanks for the update on your current situation.

As a 73-year old I don't in any way consider myself 'invincible' from Covid-19 having, as I do, two of the highest risk conditions - diabetes (though the lesser virulent Type II) and high blood pressure. However, having zero social life and no contacts nor proximity with any other human source, and only going out to do essential shopping (no stacking up!), if I do somehow catch the virus it'll be most unfair. But FOUR months isolation? Boy, that's going to be a trial by fire!

Sol said...

Hey GZ, I havent thought about runner ducks. I will have to look into that. Thanks for the tip.

Hi ya Dave, I couldnt afford 1/4 of an acre of astro turf unfortunately. A small bit for new build gardens runs into hundreds.

Hey there Ray, my inlaws are super high risk, being in their later 80's one also with type 2 diabetes, and breathing problems. the other being married to someone going through chemo, has breathing problems and allergies to pretty much the world. and she has breathing problems and an auto immune problem. All galavanting about and laughing about it all, like I am some idiot. Stressing me quite badly that they arent taking this all seriously. well I will try and blog more for you entertainment Ray. Lets see what I can come up with...

Raybeard said...

Thanks, Sol. I'm not really obsessing about COVID-19, though not treating it as just a joke that's gone O.T.T. In fact it gets a bit more scary by the day. A lot safer to take the threat seriously without over-playing it.

Blog only when you can. Nice to have it when it happens but you have a busier life than some, like me for inst.

Sol said...

Morning Ray, I will take some pictures for you

Anonymous said...

Hiya, good to see you about again!

I am going about with my fingers in my ears singing lalalalala...

Sol said...

Hey Toffeeapple. Hope you are well. I am just focusing on the gardens right now. Control what I can.