Wednesday 18 March 2020

Pretty bits and bobs

Here you go {Dave}I am proud of this.  This is one of the clumps of crocosmia (Lucifer?) that I dug out of a huge mess in the back garden.  Ripped it apart with my hands and then scrapped the soil back with the trowel and dumped the partial bits in.  Heeled them in and told them, 'you are on your own, if you live, then you can stay there'.  They are all coming up, in the parts of the borders I dumped them in.  Pleased with this, if they will flower it will be another thing, but they are green and coming up, so it fills in a bit of the dead space.  As you can see, huge amounts of leaf litter here.  When I start to get some home made compost I will chuck that about like mulch and home things get on a bit better.  For now, I am happy with these ones surviving.

Astlibes,  no idea what their name is, they are a purple colour.  I managed to get 2 really manky going over plants last year in Morrisons super market for 25p.  The big one I will divide into 3 at the end of summer and dot the other 2 somewhere else.  They remind me of purple sprouting broccoli right now.  They should be frondy later.

Some of the crocus have lines and dots on them, I am wondering if they have become a hybrid?

Also another reject that was almost dead last year, a yellow hollyhock.  It seems to be fighting to come up this year.  I thought they were an annual.  Lets hope for some colour.

And I think this last one is also a reject and is it is primula? I dont know but it resembles an onion or alium seed head.

Hope you are all well.


northsider said...

Super photos Sol. It's coming together. You could divide those Crocosmia clumps up more if you wanted to do so?

Sol said...

hey Dave, I will more than likely divide it again at the end of summer. This is the biggest clump as I couldnt rip it apart any more, so I just went with it. Hoping to get more wood shifted and then really start to see what can go where. At present the wood piles from the trees are so big I have to just attack that as much as possible.

northsider said...

Could you make some of the wood piles into raised beds Sol? They are great for poor drainage.

Sol said...

Yes that is certainly something to look at Dave I didnt think of that. We have decided we are getting chickens... oh heck.... watch this space