Thursday 26 March 2020

New house

Chicken house is up.  

Nesting boxes
It looks rather cosy.


JayCee said...

Very smart.

local alien said...

That's a grand chicken house. If I was a chicken I would be clucking around there like a mother hen lol

Sol said...

Hi JayCee, I hope they love it when they eventually move in. Wanted chickens for years but we have been renovating and selling flipped houses for the past shh 20 years! (omg when you count it up that is insane). I would have liked one of those plastic Eglu jobs so you could hose it with the jet wash but they are like mucho mucho money and well, we dont have that right now. Welcome to my blog by the way. I am not the best blogger, but I am trying to put bits on every few days!

Hey LINDA!!!!! hope you are well over there. Are you growing in your garden? I will be over for a look in a mo. I hope the chickens love it. They will free range in one of the gardens and we have made a pen to move around the gardens to keep them contained so they can do the weeding for me and get rid of some slugs and other wee beasties in there!