Thursday 11 May 2017

Its Raining Its Pouring!

Hooray!  My lawn is yellow and the earth cracked and as I dont water any plants that arent food, the garden really needs it.  Dry as a bone it was.


Jules said...

Hurray! It's supposed to reach us tomorrow. X

Sadie said...

maybe I am biased(!) but you can't beat a really good downpour.

I just took a walk up to the supermarket and noticed a lot of the grass verges are parched and dried out already.

Tracy said...

Nothing doing here and a pain it is too. A good night of rain will do just fine.

Sol said...

Hey Jules, we still need more, the ground is still rock hard and cracked all over. urgh!

Oh Sadie, I swear the cracks here are so wide you can stick your fingers into them.

Hi ya Tracy, I am hoping it is going to rain all night again today.

Beaming you all lots of rain!