Tuesday 2 May 2017

How you doin?

How you doin?, yeah go on say it in a {Joey Tribianni} voice!

Gosh the days are flying by arent they.  I went to work yesterday morning.  Got there at 5.30am.  Yep, it was a bank holiday and no one else was there, even the big boss man had gone to London, (his Wife lives in London during the week and comes down some weekends, he stays at the house perm').

I got so much done.  No one coming and asking me anything. Everything is in good shape.  I emailed the last few bits from the day to boss man 2 (son) and to the accountant.  Both pinged back emails with in about 5 mins, expressing gratitude that we are well below forecast and well below budget.

Delivery company came, with 4 beds for the holiday cottages, whilst I was at work.  Lovely couple they were.  They had come all the way from Wales.  They unfortunately had to take one bed back as the divan box was badly torn and marked, inside the packaging.  Seriously industrious people.  Moved from Hull, to a house with land, started a home storage unit business and have just branched out into delivery driving!  Fab!  What spirit!, to change you life completely.  They had been teachers!  It kind of reminds me of a {blog post} I read earlier today.  Go check it out.  I read so many blogs where people are pushing for as self suffcient as they can get and I love reading about it.  Instead of moaning about things, and just constantly dreaming they are working hard to have their own patch of Eden.  I know you have to dream to get there, but these people are making it a reality.  I loved {this post} by Kev.  You can see he really is going for it and not only being a stay at home dad he is homesteading with livestock.  I take my hat of to families who, work, raise families and homestead.  Its hard work, but you can see from his posts that he is loving it. Kev and his wife are doing great things.

The sun is shining here, there is a gentle breeze that is constant.  It is perfect sailing weather.  If only we lived by the sea! 😀  The weather reminds me of holidays in Greece.  The dogs are sunning themselves right now.  Panting like mad, they come in every so often for a drink and then go back out and collapse on the grass.  Marta ever so often chews some grass and moves from her spot.  Eric having the {best spot} it would seem.

Marta had her second check up with the vets. all healing well.  I was a little worried as she had a long soft lump/ridge the length of the incision.  And at the top a big knotty feeling thing behind where her belly button was.  Nothing to worry about.  The lump is a bit of fluid where the body is trying to attack the stitches and they are dissolving and the knot really is knotting.  Its where all the stitches end and come together and where the belly button was it is naturally loose skin, so they have to gather it a bit.  Next up in the doggy world is Eric's booster injection.  Can you believe next month he has lived with us for a whole year.  Wowsers has our life changed.  *eyes a fur dust bunny, hiding behind the leg of the side board.  Makes mental note to get that today*

Thats about it.  I am about half the way through Jane Eyre, I am not sure I will have time to read it a second time this month before the 21st...  Aperas for dinner!  Yum, with refried beans and black turtle beans in chilli sauce.  yum yum yumyum yum  (I put cheese in the dough for the Mr)

Have a fab day!!!!


Mac n' Janet said...

I think it's great when people set goals and "go for it". For us it was early retirement, we knew that having time was more important than having more money. So that's what we worked towards.
Glad you "baby" is healing well, that's always worrisome.

Sol said...

Hi there, we are also hoping to pay the mortgage off and semi retire real soon! REAL SOON!!! My fur baby is barking at a pigeon in the garden. Silly dog! hope you are well.

Sadie said...

I haven't visited Louise's blog for an age, I need to get myself back into the swing of blogging and visiting.

I think it's brilliant you are going for your dream, and how you find the stories of others so inspiring. THAT is what I love about blogging, all the good stuff! x

Sol said...

Hey Sadie, great to see you back. It is what I love about blogging. Our little community. You know I learn something new most every day. I love that.

local alien said...

Isn't it terrific being able to work at your own pace with no one breathing down your neck. I get so much more done that way.

Sol said...

Hi Linda, I am nothing really to do with the housekeeping staff or catering. I am there to get the grounds up to scratch and get the holiday cottages redeveloped and decorated, including beds! lol but the housekeeping staff or the gardeners think I am a PA or something. Can I order them this that or the other... when I go in to town for an errand could I also get X Y Z. I am there as a buffer between my boss and the builders, not Girl Friday. Unfortunately my make shift office is next to the gardeners hut so they love to come for a moan. I am in what I think was a pig sty! lmao the ceiling is super low and the floor is huge flag stones by the door it is kind if dipped, like it is worn away... The dove cote is take by flower pots. I would have loved that with all the light. I wanted them to make a feature of it. I think it would be fabulous in wedding photo graphs, but everyone is resistant... people just dont have my vision or I dont articulate it well enough.