Wednesday 31 May 2017



The veg patches we added to the garden are greening up like crazy.  I have to hair cut the mizuna every day.  I am adding it to everything.  Rice?  Stir it in at the end.  Pasta?  Add it to the bottom of the bowl.

The dill is coming along nicely.  I have dried oregano, ummm smells lovely.  I have taken rosemary cuttings and some pelargoniums, I hope these take as it will save money.  

How is your garden doing?


local alien said...

Mixing? I'll have to google that! Everything is growing like mad here. Quite a lot of rain and some sunshine. Green! I love that colour

Jules said...

It is all suddenly growing very fast following the warm and damp weather. I will be posting about it tomorrow.
Yet more spinach for me this evening. I will be turning into Popeye! X

Sol said...

Hi Linda, it is called mizuna it is a japanese mustard lettuce. Although it doesnt taste hot to me, but I love watercress. Mizuna is one that you can grow into autumn over here, I would think if you dont have a frost it could grow happily all year around.

It is really nice on its own or as a side dish with a squeeze of lemon is my favourite. I have been adding it to everything. pasta sauce, under the pasta in the bottom of the dish. in sandwiches. mixed in with warm roasted veg. I would think if you are so inclined you could also add it to smoothies. Its high in vitamin C, folate and iron, so in theory should help me sleep better.

Green in the garden is mostly a really happy colour isnt it!

Hi Jules, everyinth is growing like the clappers but I cant keep up with this vegetable. Spinach is lovely as well. If I also had that coming up like this, I would be cooking it and freezing like mad!

Hope you are both well.

hobo said...

Mizuna... I have never heard of it. Is it as peppery as watercress? We have wild watercress, and it has a very strong pepper taste. I love spicy food and was a little surprised by the watercress that first try! haha

Our weather suddenly warmed up enough to allow the beans to pop up. Corn has been a bust, though. Too cold and too wet. I've replanted once already. But may be a good year for the peppers and tomatoes again. A green garden is better than a brown one, though. ;^)

Sol said...

Hi Hobo, no it is really mild. Nothing like watercress.

When we have moved I would like to try to grow corn again. we dont have the room here. The ground is still parched here and cracked. Who would have thought that of the UK.

Thanks for your comment Hobo