Monday 15 May 2017

Diddunum - ohhh ahhhh

Alright, me hansome?

Ha Ha. I was reading Lovelygrey's blog and {this post} really made me smile.  It was a proper job!

When I am tired or upset or when I shout, I am pure Devon.  I have a bit of Somerset mixed in with some sayings from my paternal side of the family.  'That be nice bennet'.  Which I never knew for years and years, meant, that is nice, is it not?  Sounds all rather Yoda-ish.

I will leave you with some you tubes...  lmao  

In this first one, the two men in the shed sound very Radstock/Bath to me.  The guy with the gypsy caravan is not West Country at all, he is just rambling absolute nonsense...  I have no idea why he is in the video, with his blankets and duvets?  What? lol  Enjoy number 1

Number 2, sisters who sound like me and my friends from school when we get going.  

'It comes out the lace holes!'  Ha ha

These two crack me up.  50 yoars!

And this one, is a little over the top, but there are people who talk like this especially the older people.

As we are hoping to live in Cornwall, the accent will be different again.  I heard from a friend who I went to school with, who  has lived in Cornwall for 20 years, she said, that her kids have been having Cornish lessons at school, (I think she pays for the lessons).  All I get from the below you tube is Cornish radio.  Kernow radio, she says.  Thats it!!!  lol  I have a long way to go right?!?!

This one popped up.  I could listen to this Scottish lady all day.  So sing song.  Imagine her reading childrens bed time stories. 

Have a great day!


Sadie said...

I love accents. Love them. I'm a Suffolk girl through and through, and despite my opening statement, I have worked hard to try to "straighten out" my accent over the years. This was due to when I was working in a shop doing a display of Christmas crackers. Talking about them with my area manager he started to laugh, turns out my pronunciation of crackers was more 'craaaaaaaaaaaaaackers'. Hm. Felt stupid so made up my mind to never let anyone have the chance to laugh at me again. I lived in Chelmsford for a year or so, and picked up a bit of an Essex twang. However, a leopard really can't change its spots so when I get angry and shouty, I get all Suffolk-y! Bill tries to do a Suffolk accent (he speaks the Queen's English, don't you know!), but it comes out like a pirate. We do not talk like pirates!

those old girls were hilarious! x

Sol said...

Hey Sadie, I love those old ladies, real sense of humour. I hope to be like that when I am old. I only have to say Newton Abbot. 'new un aaahhh burrrt'. lmao I live with posh boy. lol The Queen's English lives, live and well in this house. Just maybe not by me. *snort* After years of living in London it is still there. I doubt it will ever go. Plus I dont want it to.

lovelygrey said...

Brilliant post. Love the men with the braces. It will be so sad when speech is homogenised. When are you down for that ice cream?! xx

Sol said...

Hey Lovelygrey! The men with braces really sound like they are from Bath and the surrounding area. For sure I am up for ice cream! I will give you the nod a couple of weeks before I am next down there. I am away a lot to cornwall whilst looking for a house at the mo. How does that sound?