Thursday 26 January 2017

New to me

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I was watching Monty Don in one of his TV programmes, where a couple were making over their garden and wished to have a Japanese based garden. 

He sent them to a garden in Cornwall for ideas.  Did you know there is a {Japanese garden} in Cornwall open to the public?  Neither did I.  Its now on my list.  You can buy a season ticket for just £9!  I think that is a bargain.  With this and the {Eden Project} ticket to go as many times in one year.  I think I will be brimming with gardening inspiration!

Is there anywhere else in Cornwall I need to see?


Sencosue said...

Hi, what about the Lost Gardens of Heligan near Mevagissy (bot sure if I have spelt these correctly). Really lovely and well worth a visit. If you trawl around the internet you can sometimes get reduced entry vouchers to these gardens and that helps with the cost. (Well we did manage it last year so hopefully the same this year.) If you do go hope you enjoy them as much as we did. We liked the experience better than the Eden Project which not sure if we chose a bad day but neither of us was that impressed and very, very crowded. Good luck Sue H.

Kev Alviti said...

I'll get in there before dave says it but lost gardens of heligan are incredible!

galant said...

The Lost Gardens of Heligan, perhaps?
As for houses, I love Lanhydrock which has a wonderful array of kitchen rooms, and the lovely nursery/servants wing. And Cotehele is a joy, not so much the garden but the house.
Margaret P

northsider said...

The Lost Gardens Of Heligan Sol. The productive kitchen garden is a work of art.

Sol said...

Hi Sue, It looks like everyone thinks that Heligan is the place to go. I will have to look out for reduced entry vouchers! thanks for the tip!

Hey Kev, gosh another for Heligan. Maybe it is the head that is beaming our vibes?

Hi Margaret, Heligan again!!! Lanhydrock, my MIL went there with the WI, and said it was extremely good and wanted to go back but my FIL, isnt interested, it could be a place to go with her? I have never heard of Cotehele, I will look into that one. Thank you for your insight!

Hi Dave, I think I have heard that there are guided tours of the Heligan gardens. I think I would like that very much. At the next house, other than getting a bathroom up and running, all my family are coming to help with a veg garden as they are fed up of me moaning all the time about growing things and not staying long enough! For sure I will report back when I have looked into it all.

northsider said...

Sounds all very positive Sol. I think you will love Heligan. I would love an apartment in the old Heligan house. Great to hear that your family will help you with your veg garden. I miss my allotments in England. Rural isolation on a smallholding gets to us at times and I miss the laugh and jokes of the allotment holders. You also get some some great advice from the older people who have grown veg there all their lives.

Sol said...

Hey Dave, there arent any allotments in the village. I dont see anyone growing anything in their gardens here either side have massive pools