Tuesday 24 January 2017

January Read Along - Mansfield Park.

Please feel free to join in if you like. I will be posting about it on 21st February.

p.s. I need to find fairy lights for the caravan and a kettle...


northsider said...

Hi Sol. Is the caravan a static on a site or one you tow behind your car?

Sol said...

Hey Dave, the caravan is a 2 berth tow behind. Its an eldis. Its 16 years old. But it is in really good nick for its age.

We are going to have new carpet put in and need to give the heater some attention. We will then be taking it to Cornwall where it will go to a caravan site where they store it and then when you call up they trail it out and put it on a pitch for you. We dont have to then drag it up and down the M5.

It will be our base to look at houses in Cornwall. As it will ve very hard to find hotels or B&Bs that allow dogs. At present it is on the drive and the Mr is using it as an office whilst the builders are doing the kitchen and the hall. The dogs dont know what to make of it just yet. Marta cries when she is in there. I think the previous people had dogs and she is scared?