Monday 9 January 2017


Not my kitchen, but this gives you an idea of what it is like

Good Morning!  How are we all?  This year has been off to a better start than last year for sure.  Which is a huge sigh of relief.

The builders have arrived to smash out the old kitchen.  Add new wiring... replaster, tile the floor, make the kitchen units...  You get the picture I am sure.  Again we are reduced to living in one room on the ground floor and its paper plates I am afraid.  It is only 2 weeks.  We can do 2 weeks. 

The dogs are getting used to work men again. The pup loves all of them and stands there wagging her tail, basking in the attention.  

The new kitchen is going to look very Scandi, I think that is the style.  A bit country, a bit Scandi.  I havent a real idea of how it will look until it is done.  We will see.  I chose it all so long ago I cant remember.  I have since had the roof raised and the interior of upstairs completed (nearly completed, no carpets as I wanted the kitchen finished first due to dirt).

In other news.

I went to the supermarket the other day, where a lady with a long cashmere coat and what looked like a fox fur hat, was in the vegetables aisle.  She had really bad body language and was near shouting at the young girl who was pushing one of those funny trolley/cart things with all the drawers which I think it online delivery shopping (?).  She was really in her face, it went something like this

Woman "All of this is Spanish brocolli.  Spanish, all of it.  What is wrong with British.  Where is the British????  You people are the reason we have so many problems..."

The girl was red in the face and was maybe 17 or 18.  She stammered to answer her, "We only have what is out in the aisle...."

The woman stepped into her face and near shreiked, "I will have to go to Waitrose, they know how to treat their customers", jabbing her finger at her.  "I am going to report you!  Whats your name?".

At this I had to say something.  I drew myself up to my tallest, "Excuse me", I said.  "As you can tell by needing a coat - it is winter.  It isnt the season for brocolli.  That is at its earliest around March.  Come back then".

She glarred at me.  Towering over me.  "Clever clogs", she said.

"Yes I am", I replied.  

I hate that people think it is OK to treat people in service industry so badly.  That girl is somebodies child.  I wonder how she would feel if someone treated their child in the manner she did?

Do as you would be done by, is a phrase I like to live by.

Be kind, my lovelies.

p.s. When the woman left the area, another staff member came over and thanked me for saying something.  She said they have to just stand there and take it.


Attila said...

My DH works in a supermarket and he would walk away, as would most of his colleagues. Well done you for standing up for the poor girl.

Jules said...

Yay!!!! Can you hear me cheering from here? I am so happy you said what you did. I despise that kind of behaviour. I hope all goes well with your kitchen fitting. X

Sencosue said...

Hello, Well done you. I absolutely hate that sort of thing and always manage to get involved. My husband just walks away, thinking here she goes again. I hate injustice of any kind or being mean to staff, they are doing their job. That women sounded absolutely hideous. Good luck with your kitchen. Sue H.

Sol said...

Hey Attila, its disgusting that people treat others so badly. The girl couldnt get away, the aisle was packed and she was boxed in by the cabbage and brocolli.

Hey Jules, I am sure the kitchen will work out. Not long till the finish line now and then we can look about to see what is around and move, that is, if we can sell. But I dont see a problem with that really. it is more finding the new house... Watch this space.

thrift deluxe said...

Well done, good for you standing up for the member of staff.

Good luck with the kitchen!

Sue said...

Yes the trollies with the baskets or drawers are for online shops, it's a job I used to do for a year when I needed to pay off my mortgage. And I too was once verbally abused by a customer for the fact that in the week before Christmas Sainsbury's had sold out of loose Brussels sprouts .... seemingly the fault lay entirely with me!!

I hate injustice and bad manners ... and they are all too common these days :-(

Dani said...

I would've told her to stop complaining and to bloody well grow her own!

Can't wait to see your new kitchen... ;)

Annie's Journal said...

I can't help but feel so proud of you Sol :) I hope you don't mind me saying this here.

All the best in your kitchen least you have workers to do them for you ...and two weeks is nothing..right?

We have our ongoing messy project and we are the workers ourselves. The work is so slow with us..the rate we are going for the tiny space we're doing...just can't guarantee any time table, except that we will certainly come out with very patient character when it's all finished:)

Keep warm this winter..and stay happy!

local alien said...

Bravo. A true heroine in what sounds like a Greek drama!! I can never think of the right thing to say till later. You hit it on the head!! Clever clogs indeed!!!

2 weeks and we wait for the 'new' photos.
Good luck. Paper plates are good.....and takeaways. New kitchen coming up!!!!

Debdor said...

You have highlighted a real problem that is encouraging bad behavior in society. I have 2 jobs one in a Secondary School, and the other in a Supermarket ( supposedly the ethical one). In both positions I have had to stand and take abuse from parents, children and customers, knowing that if I said anything deemed combative - ie stood up for myself, I would be chucked under the bus by anyone above my pay grade. This is degrading and encourages bad behavior, and it beggars belief!

Tracy said...

Even though I don't know you personally, and I hope this doesn't sound anything other than how it is meant, but I am so proud of you! I cannot stand, with a passion, people who treat people badly. There is no need for it and no excuse. Hats off to you.
I remember when we got our kitchen done. I don't envy you, but it will SO be worth it :)

Sue in Suffolk said...

Well done you - there are some strange people about that's for sure.

Good luck kitchenwise, I may put off having a new kitchen when we move to the cottage, it's a bit dated but the thought of the upheaval doesn't appeal.

Sol said...

Hi Sue H, you must have been posting when I was also commenting! :) That girl could have been my Daughter. I couldnt stand by and let her be shouted at because some toff doesnt understand when food grows and in what season we are! lol Thanks for your comment!

Hi Thrift Deluxe, thanks for the well wishes, today has been yuck. I will post about it another time! Hope you are well.

Hi Sue, good to see you! x People are vile arent they. What gives them the right to be rude like that? Who the hell do they think they are? Where have everyones manners gone? Disgusting behaviour.

Ha Ha Dani, she really tried to stand right over me. I snorted when she called me clever clogs. Grow her own? Heck she would have someone grow it for her and then shout at them that brocolli wasnt in season when she wanted! said...

Good for you. I cannot stand bullies but more often than not, people do not intervene. I am glad you did and expect the young girl was thankful too. If everyone had to work in retail for a few months, they might be kinder and more polite.

Sol said...

Hi ya Annie, there was a hiccup today with the kitchen. Day one, it is to be expected I am sure. Thanks for your comment. I would hope if I had children and someone did that to them, that another would say to stop.

Hi Linda, hope you are warm there. Is there more snow? I will check your blog in a moment! I better change my crocs to real clogs. Then could have taken it off and shown her... I wasnt wearing crocs. But you know what I mean! I hit upon a moment when I actually knew what to say. I normally am the one on the end of what that girl was getting. I thought maybe the woman was going to stop, but she didnt. The thought that, she was someones kid, spurred me into action. No one else looked. I think it was the foreign blood in me rising to the surface. lol You stay warm as well.

Debdor hi! I am sorry that you have to take peoples bad manners and words. It revolts me. And if it is parents it is teaching their kids to be rude as well. Ha, I hold doors open and when people dont say thanks, I say really loudly, thank you for allowing me to hold the door for you! lol Manners cost nothing.

Hey Tracy! How is it going? I dont take it the wrong way :) I think people are becoming obnoxious. The kitchen will be fine I am sure. Roll on the end of these 2 weeks. I am going to need a holiday!!!

Hi Sue, hope you are well. When do you move? I can cope with strange people. People who just like to be horrid I cant stand. Good luck with the new house

Sol said...

Hi Jacqui, people are just nasty. I agree they should have to work in low paid jobs, then they will be a little more kind. Thanks for your comment.

Unknown said...

The picture you have on top of your post actually looks like my old kitchen! I'm not kidding, the cabinets were hanging off. Oh my. I hope your kitchen remodel goes well, and I can relate with you with what happened at the grocery store. Good for you for standing up for that person. I wish people would treat others better!

Sol said...

Hey Essie, my kitchen looked ok from a distance. When close they were pretty horrendous and I couldnt get them to look clean. The kitchen is slowly coming together. Thanks for you comment. I hope you are well