Tuesday 10 January 2017

Just when you thought you...

Just when you thought you could go back into the water kitchen.

I'm gonna need a bigger vacuum...

Not plain sailing here.  Nope not at all.  There was a moment last night at about 10.30, that I felt a wobble and the tears nearly fell.

We went out whilst all of the banging and crashing was happening as Eric is nervous of the noise and why put him through it.,.?  Plus we dont want the puppy to start copying him.  We came back around 3.30 after being out since 10.  I just wanted to sit down.  

The builders heard us coming and met us in the porch.  The looked like chimney sweeps or coal miners.

My first thought was that the ceilings had collapsed.

Then the showed us the skip and the old boiler that the previous owners had blown up, years ago.  Soot every where.  All over the driveway (remember it was getting dark at this time so not a lot of light and we dont have street lights).  Yep, in the light of day, its a mess, we need to get the jet wash on it.

This is what we started with.

It looks ok (ish) from a distance.  The brickwork went to the ceiling around the oven cupboards.  We had to taken it down this far, when they took the roof off in June and it thundered and rained for nearly 2 weeks flat.  As you can see their is a new ceiling as the other one fell down when the water was flowing down the walls and in front of the patio doors.

The roof looked like this

It rained inside 

A paddling pool which kept filling up
water was pouring over the electric box hidden in the cupboard

Above is the fiend where all the soot came from.  You can see they even had a new motor/engine put it, to try and fix it.  What they really needed was a chimney sweep.  The tube going into the wall goes into our dining room chimney breast.  Yep you can see where this is going cant you.

The took the tube out, and 40 years of oil heating soot and dirt came flying out!


From 4pm until 10.30 at night I cleaned this room and the hall.  Remember yesterday when I said we didnt have carpets put on the stairs or landing or the wood on the floor in the hall...  Because of the dirt.  Yep, am I pleased we didnt do that.  See where the 2 holes in the walls that are filled with the spray foam?  That is how they stopped more of it pouring out.

All the plaster has had to be knocked off the wall with the windows as it was all damp.  The pipes need moving for the dish washer and washing machine.  

Here are some shots of all the wall paper we found, all hidden by cupboards.

Every surface in the house is disgusting.  I rushed out and bought 6 mop heads.  The vacuum has been going constantly.  I started again at 5 am, as I waited for the lights to come on in the house behind and beside us.

This is a quick wipe of the arm of the leather sofa.  Am I glad I have leather now?  Yep.  Sure I am.

Very stressed out.  But coping is the way I will describe it today.  Add to this, the builder hasnt arrived yet and it is 10am.  Tardiness ticks me off more than anything else in the world.

I have boiled the kettle in the lounge about 6 times.  I touch something, it is filthy, I then have to clean something else.  I still havent had a drink.  A mouth like Ghandi's flip flop right now.

The dogs are filthy also.  That is a battle of wills waiting to happen.  There will be shaking, Eric, tears me.  Yep, not a good start to the kitchen renovation.  Remind me again, why we do this?

This house is breaking me slowly.  I can not wait for that for sale sign to go up.

How are you?  You up to anything nice?  Take my mind off of it!  Please!  Tell me something lovely.


Tracy said...

We have just moved our 14 newly hatched (well December 7th) chicks into the big barn and they are just adorable. Seriously. They are learning to "fly" given that their body weight is still so light. Not long now before they put weight on and won't be able to "fly" far. They are due to start laying in May I think I worked it out at.
I've decided to start reading some of my crime novels again, I have a guilty pleasure of Agatha Christie. It's all this book talk....not sure which one I will start with yet. I do love Poirot's OCD. I'll keep you posted (you're doing amazing xx) Tracy

local alien said...

IN_bloody-credible!!!!! Cry cry cry. Stamp and scream. BUT then THINK in one years time you'll be laughing about this and writing a DIFFERENT blog post showing us the
wonderful new house you live in, how much less stress you have and how your dogs have grown.
This has got to be the worst ...it can o ly get better.

Sol said...

Hey Tracy, how cute must they be. Are the just for laying or are they a hybrid for meat birds also? Love books as you know!

Linda, its ridiculous. The dogs have put themselves to bed sensing how my mood is. I havent seen any houses yet to tempt us, but there is plenty of time. Nah this isnt the worst, there will be more I am sure. I was really amused when a live electric cable was splashed with water and all the power went out. This house has meant I am really thinking this will be our last move. Then when things like this happen, I will think, but we are doing this for ourselves and that is what will matter. Right now, people dont see that we have done all of the wiring or a new boiler or new plumbing it is all in the walls and out of mind. What they will see is cushions and frilly things. Makes me wonder why we do this.... We must be crazy. keep warm

Raybeard said...

OMG, Sol! Is this Purgatory or Hell? (Don't answer. I know.) Can't think of any words of comfort which don't sound condescending so won't attempt it, suffice to say that my thoughts, and those of ALL your followers, surely, are with you.

I'll save any comment on 'Lolita' (half-way through) till another time. The last thing you'll be thinking of is settling down with a book, I imagine - and anyway, you'd have to look for somewhere to sit!

Hope that when you write again you can see the end of this current mad turmoil and that more settled green pastures are awaiting - or have even arrived, or is that asking just TOO much?

I send you mental waves of all the comforts and strength I can muster. May you receive them in the hope that they might help, even if just a teeny bit. All the best with your getting through the rest of what has to be survived.

Sol said...

Hey Ray, thanks for your mental waves. We are hanging in here. I am thinking of taking the dogs and going to my parents house. Then getting professional cleaners who know what to do with all of this. I clean it, it settles again? I have no idea at all what to do. I stupidly tried to wipe it with a damp cloth hoping it would help wipe it quicker... nope, it just turns into some greasy mess.

I am most worried about the dogs as they seem to get covered in it and I am afraid of them cleaning themselves and ingesting it. Hence I think I might go to my Mum and Dads out of the way. I am waiting for the vets to call back. It would seem they do operations in the afternoons on the animals that they need to keep over night. They will call as soon as they are finished.

I have been reading Lolitta. I am also about half the way through. I went to Minchinhampton common earlier, ran the dogs and then we all sat in the car. They enjoyed some scooby snacks (yes they do exist) and I had a banana. Its times like this I wish I lived closer to my family and it really pushes me, that we must sell. And we must be closer to family and damn the cost really. I have seen a bungalow that is 'interesting'. It is 4 years old. But it isnt quite in the area we wanted. And if this house has taught me anything, it is that the location is more important than anything. I have 3 areas we will go to. We are going to leaflet the houses and ask if anyone had considered moving... heres our number sort of thing. Sounds very picky doesnt it. But I want a few things that I wont compromise on. Parking, location and garden for the dogs. Anything else we can fix.

Hope you are well!!! Cold weather coming apparently.

Raybeard said...

Much relief on reading this, Sol - well, at least more relief than when I read your original post only. Still a long way and some tough decisions to go, but sounds like you're en route to somewhere better.
Speak to you later - and yes, thanks, I'm okay, bracing myself for the oncoming freeze.
Continuing wishes for best of luck to you.

Tracy said...

Hope you're feeling better today :)
I didn't want to linger on the kitchen, hence my comments as you asked :D
We're not sure re the chicks yet as their Dad is a huge rhode island red but the hens were the rescue hens which are for eggs only, so no idea how big they may grow! Time will tell.

Sol said...

Hey Tracy, thanks for your comment yesterday. I am imagining the film chicken run! lol They could be nice mixed use birds then... I will be looking to see what they look like!