Thursday 9 January 2014

under a cloud of smog

traffic in Hanoi, Vietnam
The traffic in Hanoi was bedlam.  Everyone driving all over the place.  As far as I know they don't have a Tube system.  The life and the air quality would be greatly be improved.  It wont happen.

The sky hints of blue above the smog.

External memory bank picture.


Raybeard said...

I fear for the little girl in the centre. No helmet (presumably not compulsory), she doesn't look like she's holding on - plus about the only one without any face protection. Oh dear!

Harry Flashman said...

Kind of like Peking, from the looks of it.

Sol said...

Hey Ray, they have only just started to say that people should wear a helmet. They have all sorts on those mopeds, that little girls has been on a bike from a few days old. It isn't anything new to them.

Hey Harry, more than likely. I really do think they need a Tube system or something. It is how I imagine London was 100's of years ago with all the fires burning and the soot and smoke in the sky.