Monday 20 January 2014

Bird #3

Bateleur Eagle.  I met this bird whilst at the Birds of Prey Centre.

It was quite fierce.

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Anonymous said...

A magnificent creature!

Anonymous said...

He doesn't look fierce...he looks a little limp. Pretty colors!

Sol said...

Toffeeapple, he is a beaut isn't he.

Susie, I am sure he could of ripped my face off. and then scratched my eyes out with his talons.

Harry Flashman said...

He looks like an Eagle. The Indians shoot the eagles on their reservations. It's a felony for anybody else to do it but they can do it to get their feathers. You'd think Indians would care more about the birds than wearing eagle feathers, but apparently some of them at least, do not.

Unknown said...

I loved seeing them flying in Southern Africa. Stunning birds.

Sft x

Sol said...

Hey Harry, I think this one is African...? I didn't know they were allowed to kill them.

SFT, hey there. I bet they were amazing to watch.