Sunday 5 January 2014

Cemetery in paddy field in Vietnam.

On the way to Halong Bay

We saw many of these throughout the country.
According to our guide these head stones are place where the people owned the land or worked it.  The people work around it and it makes it easier for them to visit their ancestors.
External memory bank moment

I haven't been very well, I wont be around much.  I've had weird flu symptoms shaking goose pimples, hot, cold.  but no cold  runny nose or being sick.  it is super odd?...? I will be back to commenting on others blogs soon.


John Going Gently said...

Bid scenery Togo with a big country

Sol said...

Hey John. I hope the weather is treating you all well. The wind and rain is getting on my nerves here now.

Anonymous said...

It looks a lot warmer there!

Harry Flashman said...

The Sgt just got back to Australia from Viet Nam. Seems a weird place to go for a vacation but a lot of Europeans and Australians do. If I went there I'd probably get into a fight and get thrown under the jail.

Sol said...

Hey Susie. it was warm but that is smog. think Michael jacksons face mask. every one wears those all the time in Vietnam

Harry. I have said on here before I really disliked Vietnam intensely. That is one whole week of my life I will never get back.

Myanmar is the place to go or Cambodia. We only went to Vietnam for Halong Bay and it was a cesspit. Dirty beyond words and it is Unesco world heritage site. The people who work the tourism there will rape that bay till everything is dead and barren in it. Then they will cry and gnash their teeth at the west again. Where as Cambodia had very similar hard times, but seem to have taken a completely different tack and treat visitors with more respect and seem to be trying to grow responsible tourism. I will not go on about it any more. I will just keep posting pictures I remember.

I just know I thought at first how odd, how do they get to the graves. and then the guide said that is their land, that is their ancestors. We aren't allowed to have a cemetery in our gardens in the UK. (good thing too we are too small and island)

Don't bother with Halong bay, do the Grand Canyon. I wish I had.

An Apel a Day said...

That looks like a beautiful place! I'd love walking around those parts!

You asked about the Amish snacks on my blog. The one you were asking about is toasted corn. I've never had it. It's pretty good!

Sol said...

hey Alissa. Ohhh corn. we don't really have a lot of corn based snacks over here other than popcorn, which they seem to be marketing as low fat snacks right now as it makes me not want it as it used to be a treat for the cinema.