Thursday 9 January 2020

Stay Back Evil Beast

I spy you there in the distance.  
Stay back evil beast, we dont want you down here. 

Brass monkeys today.  At least I saw a little bit of blue sky.


local alien said...

Ftoo ftoo ftoo... Let blue skies and sunshine be your fate

northsider said...

Super photo. It looks very moody weather and unpredictable Sol.

Raybeard said...

Winter has. on the whole, been unseasonably mild so far, at least down here on the south coast. Only hope it stays this way.

Sol said...

Thanks Linda! I could do with the blue skies the darkness of winter seems to be affecting my moods at present.

Hi Dave, the weather is a bit all over the place for sure. Raining, then snow, then howling winds. we have the rain and winds again this weekend, with yellow weather warnings. I really really want to get in the garden. I have to move a lot of logs into a new store and then tidy those areas so we can put plants in. Nine huge trees cut down from the garden.

Hey Ray, I wish it was mild but the wind cuts your face with cold here at present. Hope you are well

Janie Junebug said...

The bit of blue is pretty. Is the winter weather getting to you?


Sol said...

Hey Janie, its the dark that is getting me down. So so dark. It is getting lighter now but it is the dark and the cold!
Hope you are well

Janie Junebug said...

I'm hangin' on.

Sol said...

Thats good Janie. We have a terrible storm here today. Rain is coming down like straight sticks and then the wind gets up and it is side ways. The town looks like it is flooding. Thank god we always live on a hill.