Sunday 19 January 2020

"I would like some sun please"

All day it has looked like this out the window.  The weather has been awful for 2 weeks now.  The grass has only just defrosted and it is starting to freeze again already.  I am going to look into a daylight lamp, the darkness is getting to me.  I am getting frustrated that I cant do any gardening.

Plan for the week, shift some of the logs that you can see in the middle of the picture.  There are 9 piles like that in the front garden. As you can also gauge from the picture the garden is tiered, meaning I have to push the wheel barrow up 2 really steep (near vertical) slopes.  I estimate that this will take 2 days to shift the piles in this picture, the tree trunks were approx 1m wide.  Some of them were lime trees that had died in position and looked like lightning trees.  All the bark had fallen off and when the tree surgeons took them down they broke 4 chainsaw blades on one tree.  They said it was tougher than concrete!  We are processing them very slowly as it take so much to hack them up.  

This is part of the front garden, we arent allowed to put any structures in the front, we live in a conservation area.  Which is kind of funny that out view over looks houses with green houses and we have been told no as they will be seen from the road.  lol  

Once the garden is clear of the logs, then we can see how bad the soil really is.  It is like sand and dust, it seems to hold no water.  Yet the lawn is mostly moss.  I think the trees are taking all of the nutrients and water from the soil.  They also cast a huge amount of shade.  All the trees taken down in the garden, were either already dead or had a disease.  We had to take the horse chestnut down from the driveway, and although it will be missed from the landscape, it was completely black and rotten right through the middle.

I have about 300 plants in the back garden waiting to go into the front garden.  We have lots of low conifers of different types, azaleas and camelias.  They seem to grow well in this garden and the gardens on both sides.  Especially in the house next door, that is built into the original kitchen garden for this house.  I am itching to get out there, but it is too cold and the wind has been awful.  

I would like some sun please.  It doesnt need to be warm, just some blue sky and some sun.

What are you planning for your gardens?


northsider said...

Think we could all do with some sun or a midwinter break Sol. I am itching to get digging on my veg plot but I just have to wait. Good luck with the gardens.

Sol said...

I dont think we have much dirt to dig I think we will have to bring topsoil in. I hope to be able to read about your garden